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ACHT Newsletter 109

Published on 3/1/2020

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is a social enterprise whose mission is to improve governance, leadership, and decision making in health care. Our curriculum includes quality and safety, principles of governance and leadership, ethics and compliance, health law, human resources health care innovation, business decision-making, and more. Our new forum and blog on global health by our Fellow, Dr. Yann Meunier, are both important venues for robust discourse on the subject. Yann writes, “The importance of global health is obvious with the COVID-19 related crisis. The way China handled its beginning is problematic, in particular the treatment of late Dr. Li Wenliang and suppression of crucial epidemiological information. If needed, it underscores again the serious challenges for global health”. All visitors to the website can check out the Blogs and Fellows can check out the Forums. and more information about Yann can be obtained at our Business Directory. The business directory is visible to ALL website visitors while the Member Directory is a wonderful source for networking and an important member benefit.

Dr, Yann Meunier
Dr. Ricardo Correa
herve yangni angate

Dr. Ricardo Correa-Marquez, M.D. (pictured center) is a Fellow of The American College of Healthcare Trustees who is due to be voted on to our Board of Directors this April. He is a rising star in academic and is a great advocate for IMG/FMGs. He brings the "Behind the scenes secrets" on USMLE, providing important prospective. He reassures IMGs that they need not worry about the new scoring result of PASS/FAIL only instead of the 3 digits score for Step 1. In his podcast he discusses the new Requirements to get certified in the USA and access GME / Residency training.

  • Koffi Hervé YANGNI-ANGATE MD,FWACS,FICS,FACHT is Professor of Cardio-Vascular and Thoracic Surgery and President of The Ivory Heart Foundation. He is a healthcare executive and bioethics expert. He is committed to quality healthcare in the Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and elsewhere. Dr. Koffi Herve Angate has sent The ACHT a document entitled  "THE ABIDJAN DECLARATION FOR OPEN HEART SURGERY DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA". He has asked that we each sign it and email it to him. I have posted it under the Document Library of our website and after you sign it, if you are willing, please email the signed document to email Dr. herve yangni angate