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What is The American College of Healthcare's mission?

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is a professional association dedicated to promoting good governance and leadership in the healthcare sector by providing continuing education, resources, and networking.   We help healthcare leaders and trustees govern more wisely and effectively.


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What is the corporate structure of The American College of Healthcare Trustees?
The American College of Healthcare Trustees is a for profit, C-Corporation registered with The Secretary of State of Maine.  It was incorporated in 2013.  Its clerk with The Secretary of State is Daniel Nelson, Esquire and its accountant is Mr. Michael Quinlan.

What is the maximum number of Board Members allowed by our bylaws?


What is the difference between an ACHT Fellow and Member?
There is NO difference between an ACHT Fellow or Member. The ACHT uses the terms interchangeably. In the near future, we may be adding honorifics such as "Distinguished Fellow" based on achievement.
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What are the prerequisites for becoming a Fellow and what is the difference between a trustee, director, governor, visiter, regent?
We use the terms Member and Fellow synonymously. Throughout history, the terms Board of Directors, Trustees, Governors, Regents and Visitors have been used to imply similar responsibilities.  Generally, their responsibility is to supervise the executive team to ensure they maximize value for shareholders in for profits and for the community in non-profits.  We are a social enterprise, for-profit C-corp and have our own Board of Directors.  Everyone who wishes to help improve health care is welcome at the ACHT.
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Meet our Team   Those still chatting at the close of our Nov. 2018 innovation conference at Asilomar, refuge-by-the-sea

What is an Initial coin offerings

Initial coin offerings are an innovative way to raise money for worthwhile projects. The technical aspects are only one part of it. To my mind, ensuring that money raised has a societal good and also is fair to investors distinguishes legitimate ICOs from a plethora of scams. Marketing is also a key to success as is transparency and internal controls and compliance. Watch this excellent video here Video on ICOs

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