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Healthcare Controversies and Reform Battles

Govts taking out insurance competitors
By Charles D Frohman, M.Ed.
Posted: 2021-03-26T14:51:00Z
Obamacare's guaranteed issue requirement for sick people forced the BUCAH cartel (Blue Cross, United, Cigna, Aetna, and Humana) to jack up premiums and deductibles to afford this requirement.  To rich for subsidies, middle class families had to fork over a mortgage in monthly premiums, or go uninsured. 

A million of these overcharged families abandoned the insurance market for a rising alternative - Sharing.  I sell a couple of these Sharing alternatives, one of which is promoted by ACHT as part of its also-promoted cash appointments app.  I convinced Forbes' John Goodman - who educated my fellow Republican congressional staffers and myself in the 1990s about Health Savings Accounts - to write about our combination of Sharing with HSAs. 

With Sharing one can combine instead with a different medical benefit account - one also promoted by ACHT (meaning, buying it via us pays ACHT).  Indeed, this money-doubling account can be combined with ANY plan, even insurance (or stand alone).

Back to insurers' assault on competition hurtful to their dominance, it took only a dozen or so complaints by unsophisticated customers to target low-margin Sharing companies.  Commissioners - with the aid of Attorneys General - doing the usual bidding for Big Insurance pressured a few Sharing companies to leave 1/2 a dozen states.  The latest effort lies in a Connecticut bill that would bar licensed health agents from selling Sharing. 

This is frustrating, because one of my best agents is in that state.  His customers love him, whether he's selling them insurance or Sharing.  The sad result of this bill is families still will buy Sharing, only directly, not via an agent.  So the customer will have less education about the options.  More citizens will get screwed.  Isn't that always the result of government - triggering the law of unintended consequences?

If you know CT folks willing to ask their politicians to defeat this bill, share with them this blog.

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