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Healthcare Controversies and Reform Battles

New ACHT webinar: Healthcare Biz & Politics
By Charles D Frohman, M.Ed.
Posted: 2021-12-13T19:00:00Z

ACHT lobbyist Charles Frohman has for the past 3 years cohosted a health webinar that introduced to the public many entrepreneurs and advocates working to build a better healthcare system.  For health reasons that event's cohost had to bow out, requiring the finding of a new home to continue these weekly podcasts.  Guests are booked for January, and they will hit hard the laws that bar entrepreneurs and healers from giving better healthcare to patients.

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It starts with a bang on January 12th, with an attack on an element of the healthcare system that deserves serious reform.  Bryan Ardis of America's Frontline Doctors will start that event with an expose how hospitals deny life-saving Covid treatments.  Charles Katebi from the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity will advise how we can advocate repeal in our states of the Certificate of Need (CON) laws with which hospitals prohibit entrepreneurs from erecting superior hospital alternatives.  Former hospital administrators John Chamberlain & David Balat will comment how much better hospitals would serve patients in a post-CON world.  Two of our cohosts, David Levien, MD and Jared Wallen, MD, should have plenty to say, as they also worked in hospital administration.

The following Wednesday we'll interrogate another piece of medical protectionism - licensing.  States are repealing their licensing laws, considering instead of system of competitive, voluntary certification.  While the former has allowed harassment of maverick doctors and not helped consumers access quality, the latter opens medicine to creativity and actually allows patients information (based on certification quality) that can connect them more quickly to the best doctors.  Byron Schlomach from the 1889 Institute will explain.

Finally, Peter McCullough, one of the most cited cardiologists in the world, has hurt the propaganda of pharma over the past year's Covid hysteria, by blowing the whistle on their false data and dangerous policies.  Unleashed to the world by the heroic Senator Johnson who refused to collude on frontline doctor censorship, Dr. McCullough shows the way to a more ethical frontline system that relies on science and restores the doctor-patient relationship.

ACHT needs guests each Wed from February on, so email to recommend entrepreneurs and advocates who are improving the market - and fighting the cartel to do so.

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