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Healthcare Controversies and Reform Battles

Trump’s Last Health Reforms
By Charles D Frohman, M.Ed.
Posted on 11/17/2020 5:09 PM
Imagine ACHT with a budget to lobby #s 3, 4, 5 & 6:  These 4 changes include:

* Sunsetting bureaucracy,
* boosting privacy,
* allowing referrals as long as they’re disclosed, and
* block granting Medicaid.

All great issues.  Ask yourself:

What bureaucracies would you sunset?  Doing so would terminate agencies or regulations at a certain date, forcing special interests to pass them again.  They would have to con the public yet again to foist their boondoggle on the market.  FDA, for example, kills people, Milton Friedman wrote, buy denying life-saving drugs because of the expensive, lengthy approval process.  It also approves dangerous foods and interventions that a free market would shut down via lawsuit.  Now, unsafe drugs and devices can hide behind FDA approval - at least until most of them get recalled.  FDA also persecutes natural competitors to Pharma products.  What agency or regulation would you sunset?

What about privacy? We know HIPAA hasn’t boosted privacy, and that databases of prescriptions and vaccines leak.  Covid tracking has leaked.  Can Trump fix these before Biden arrives?  

What about physician referrals, now limited by Stark laws.  Who wants to see liberalization to allow more innovation here?

Finally, what additional states will seek Medicaid waivers to reform healthcare for the poor and disabled?  Or do folks think bureaucrats in state governments are inferior to federal bureaucrats in wasting money and underperforming objectives?

What else might Trump reform before departure?  

For which reform would you donate to ACHT to insert itself with a lobbyist to impact the issue?

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