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By Nonye Aghanya
Posted: 2022-03-25T18:03:29Z

The mysteries of time..

Can it all ever be explained with a pen's stroke, a lesson or a speech?

The gradual swaying of views from partisan to banal and back again, rebuffs confrontation meshed in the desire to co-exist in sync and enjoy life's existence.

For the same reason some disconnect from flow of ideas and events, many more connect...

Such are the mysteries of life.

The mysteries of winds gathered with fists, and waters wrapped up in garments.

Such as in the attached video clip..

The mysteries of our being..🤔

Wait for it at the end of the clip...

Q: What is the benefit of venturing out of one's comfort zone?

A: To conquer the internal fears and stagnation that lurks within the familiarity of individual comfort zones.


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