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Independent Medicine, December, 2020

To achieve ACHT's triple aim of quality, sustainabilty and patient empowerment, ACHT proposes a multi-pronged reform to restore independence in medicine.  Reforms necessary to achieve this goal include those over payment, regulation, and responsibility.  Specifically, under payment we seek a more competitive market in payment, with less barriers to entry and empowerment for patients (including adopting ACHT's Cash Appointments App).  Regulation needs a more expansive consideration - to include the possible superiority of competitive certification over government coercion - and fairer adjudication when it comes to hospital privileges and insurance network inclusion.  Along with regulatory reform comes responsibility of suppliers to bear liability when appropriate.  For the details see and comment on the blog for the Independent Medicine Project.  To effect this project ACHT needs donations from its Fellows and supporters.  A minimum $1,500/month will sustain lobbyist Charles Frohman to advocate a better market for providers, patients and entrepreneurs.  Success over advancing a better market will help ACHT and its fellows.


ACHT Advocacy & Lobbying Group

Charles D. Frohman, Executive Director

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is proud to offer our Fellows advocacy for political goals around legislation and regulation. We want our members - be they providers, patients or entrepreneurs - to have access to political solutions if they face unjustified red tape barring their solutions to healthcare and other problems.  As long as the proposed policy accomodates ACHT's triple aim of high quality and safety, financial sustainability, and a great patient experience in a setting that treats health care workers fairly too, we can partner with Fellow goals.  Ours makes a collaborative approach, with transparent, affordable prices to help you achieve your deliverables. To discuss your political/regulatory needs, contact ACHT Advocacy and Lobbying Group Executive Director Charles Frohman @ 844 322-4867 ext. 2 or   email Mr. Frohman    or  schedule a call with Mr. Frohman 

ACHT Executive Director of Advocacy & Lobbying Charles Frohman has helped politicians, trade associations, think tanks, nonprofits and corporations deregulate - and raise their profile - to allow better access and quality for consumers, and build a better world. Let ACHT represent your business or project on Capitol Hill, within the executive branch, the 50 state governments - or with other stakeholders - to execute your strategy.   Mr. Frohman has for 3 decades advocated for members of Congress, corporations, trade associations, nonprofits, think tanks, candidates and advocacy projects.  He has helped pass laws, stopped industry threats, run "Lobby Days", hosted Capitol Hill forums, interviewed on mainstream news, published in newspapers, and helped develop movements like "Conscious Capitalism" with John Mackey at Whole Foods. 

For health care experience, Mr. Frohman:
+ consulted a Forbes-featured cash patient-making plan, now embedded in an award-winning cash appointments app
+ staffed one of the earliest congressional hearings on the now ubiquitous Health Savings Accounts
+ interviewed on NBC in defense of the sacred medical ethic of Informed Consent
+ consulted the Consumers for Healthcare Choices movement headed by popular scholar Greg Scandlen, author of "Myth Busters: Why Health Reform Always Goes Awry"
+ lobbied on both sides of pharma - FOR the right of pain doctors and patients to autonomy in relieving pain; and AGAINST FDA persecution of natural competitors if that's what consumers prefer
+ ran booths at conferences including an NIH event on Alzheimer's integrated care