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ACHT Vee 45 minute video on telehealth

Consultations re corporate e-learning by our CFO
Raj Gupta, PhD, our CFO is expert in e-learning and finance
Dr. Gupta discusses student loans
Student loans impact healthcare workers profoundly. Check out Dr. Gupta's important video.
Raj Gupta, PhD Video on consumer scores

Diagnosing Healthcare 2020 Trailer v1
  • Paul Roberts RN Independent Nurse Case Manager (LION)Independent Nurse Case Manager and Executive Producer at Roberts Moving Pictures

Roberts Consulting, PLLC is a NATIONWIDE case management firm. We offer quality medical case management at affordable prices. You will receive personalized, accessible, and responsive case management at reduced costs, relative to our competitors. With a strong command of area providers, we are the ideal referral choice for medical case management. Services include field and telephonic medical case management for the following specialties: Worker Compensation, LTD, Auto, Liability, Life Care Plan, Catastrophic, Brain Injury, and Spinal Injury.

Harmony among team members facilitates quality and safety and improves the patient experience. It also reduces moral injury (burnout) among healthcare workers.

The Coddling of The American Mind

We have been studying this development for a while now, with rising alarm. (Greg Lukianoff is a constitutional lawyer