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hospital quality and safety as distinguished from ...
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In finance, modern portfolio theory would suggest a game should reward folks for getting close to the efficient frontier, the highest return for the least risk. In running a hospital, the MVI could be used to get the highest quality for the least cost except that in hospital management, quality should trump cost so we should use best practices as a benchmark, equivalent to treasury bills as a risk free investment.
Get more information on the medical value index or go to their website Check out The Hospital Turnaround Company or view a short video on the efficient frontier
The American College of Healthcare Trustees strongly supports the recent discussion about hospital quality and safety as distinguished from patient satisfaction. With acknowledge that the two are different but believe that they are related and certainly are not mutually exclusive. Of course, quality and safety should have primacy among doctors, nurses, and other health care decision makers. The ACHT will be announcing a very robust outcomes resource in the near future. Quality and safety and patient and family satisfaction are related big cause a major complication or inability to solve the patient's problem will impact negatively on patient and family satisfaction. Clear instructions by the doctor and nurse play not only important patient satisfaction role but improve quality and safety, too. A relaxing environment may not only improve patient satisfaction but could conceivably promote patient healing and might even reduce medical errors. It might be reasonable to have a volunteer playing a piano in the lobby and, if resources were unlimited, an expensive exhibit like a faux waterfall in the lobby might be reasonable but not if it means stinting on the nurse patient ratio. We definitely feel that it is salutary that these discussions are being conducted and we encourage everyone to check out our blogs and suggest that our Fellows contribute to our forums. Please go to our benefit section to see how you can be good stewards of your organization's resources. The money you save may pay for an additional nurse.
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