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Capital Budgeting for the Hospital Board Member by Raj Gupta, PhD.

Principles of Decision Making for Board Members

In this video, Raj Gupta, PhD, discusses the financial aspects of capital budgeting especially for hospital board members. The discussion not only addresses important tools like net present value but includes important sources of health care information to be used when assessing community need. The discussion ends with a great case illustrative of the decision making process. Other determinants like whether the item is required to meet code or address a quality or safety issue, whether it requires new staff or new wiring or plumbing, will be addressed in later modules, white papers, and courses.

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Let us facilitate your retreat

Dr. Middleton, Senior VP for Ethics at the American College of Healthcare Trustees, and a member of its Board of Directors, has been a theologian/ethicist from 1973 till present for a total of 43 years in Catholic Health Care. Dr. Middleton also has an extensive work record including: teaching ethics in a Catholic Seminary, nursing schools and medical residency programs; serving as Director of Pastoral Care, Vice President for Human Educational Services, Corporate Director of Values, Ethics and Ministry. He has served as a Vice President for Theology and Ethics for three other Catholic Health Systems and currently serves as the Interim Houston, Texas.

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MHSc 664: Cultural Competency & Ethics - Cedar Crest College - Dr. Scannavino

Ethics Seminar Cedar Crest College Dr. Scannavino

This course will address the practice of health promotion, disease control, & health research & ways in which cultural & social factors influence health behaviors & interventions. Ethical decision making practice within the scope of cultural diversity will be discussed.

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Business Planning for Accountable Care Organizations

Accountable Care Organizations are a central feature of health care reform that is rapidly changing the way in which we access health care. First introduced as part of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 the initial implementation has been rapid with over 400 organizations in operation across the country. It is very likely that your organization is considering an ACO entity or that you will be competing with an ACO in your community.

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Corporate Partnerships

supporting good governance

corporate sponsorships help the American College of Healthcare Trustees fulfill their mission of promoting good governance of hospitals and promote your organization to hospital decision-makers


Healthcare Finance and Business Planning for Board Members

For Physician and other non-business based Board Members

Financial Accounting and Business Planning are second nature to Board Members who come from a business background. Other Board Members may benefit greatly from the information contained in these videos by David Joyce, MD, MBA and Paul Gurny, MBA. They are being made available via collaboration between the ACHT and ES4P

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Healthcare Finance 101

Health care reform is creating new challenges for of all healthcare organizations. The financial aptitude of the organization will be an essential component of its ability to be successful. No longer is it adequate to concentrate the financial knowledge in the corporate offices. Participation in the financial decisions must be shared, beginning with the organization's board all the way through to the rank and file providers. Inclusive decision making is the best hope to the sound, high quality decisions that will need to be made to insure success.

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Let our channel partner, Insperity, upgrade your human resources capabilities

payroll, fringe benefits, sourcing hiring, book keeping, and much more

Payroll Services A complete business payroll solution designed to help you easily pay your employees, file your taxes on time and comply with all state and federal payroll requirements. Time and Attendance Collect, analyze and take control of employee attendance and labor data - all online and i.n real time - with our TimeStar™ software. Performance Management A full-featured desktop software or Web-based platform that customizes performance reviews.job descriptions and handbook s. It also helps you create policies to align, engage and manage employees for business success. Organizational Planning Industry -leading workforce planning and visualization software that captures a complete database of key employee information while providing insight, alignment and definitive organizational structure. Recruiting Services Experienced, discipline-specific recruiters use their know -how and proven strategies to find you qualified candidates and help managers make the right hiring decisions. Employment Screening A complete solution that offers employment background checks and verification services, drug testing, professional assessments and E-Verify services to help you build a qualified workforce. Financial Services Through our product, lnsperity™ Reveal™, as well as strategic alliances with GrowthForce and The Receivables Exchange, we can help you better understand and manage your finances. Expense Management Automate and streamline the expense reporting process, while cutting costs, enforcing company travel policies and providing better visibility into expenditures. Retirement Services Gain access to professionally managed, low-cost plans that minimize the burden of daily administrative compliance, while helping employees achieve their financial goals. Insurance Services Through our alliance with Lockton Affinity, small businesses gain secure, affordable, customizable insurance packages while enjoying the claims service of a Fortune 500 company.

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Private Wealth Management Course on-line

Financial literacy can improve worker satisfaction and performance

This course introduces you to the basic tenets of Wealth Management, We will begin by exploring the links between skills accumulation and wealth accumulation. We will construct Personal Balance Sheets. Personal Balance Sheets are an effective tool to measure how wealth is accumulated. We will review the formula for human capital and use it to estimate human capital. We will also examine Financial Planning. We will review the Present Value of Lifetime Expenditures exercise. This exercise is typically taught in introductory Finance courses at the undergraduate and MBA level. We will examine the Budgeting process and illustrate how even Financial Analysts can sometimes lose control of their finances. Further, we will cover Asset Allocation and Risk Management which are critical to the Wealth Accumulation process. Finally, we will discuss Estate Planning. This course offers a preview of what you can expect in the MBA Program.

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Safe handling of protected health information

Do what the fortune 500 companies do

Share large files (including from the EMR) among parties, get signatures, work from home, and collaborate, all encrypted and all with a click

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Medicare Penalty/Incentive Programs Meaningful Use and PQRS

More than 50% of all physicians are participating in the Medicare Electronic Record Incentive Program better known as Meaningful Use. Who in your practice is responsible for the decision on whether to participate or, for that matter, the implementation of the data collection and reporting if you are already registered? No matter how large your practice is, the answer to that question should be YOU. Meaningful use is about individual physicians reporting their use of their electronic health record.

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