Newsletter 54

excitement mounting about the ACHT Innovation Conference

It's time to reserve your spot NOW. Become a Fellow now-The discount you get more than pays for your Fellowship dues

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Newsletter 53

The leadership team at The American College of Healthcare Trustees is working overtime to provide useful content to health care leaders and other advocates for patients.

We just completed a very successful "lunch and learn" on supply chain. It was conducted by Bill Greene, our own VP and Board Member. Bill shared his vast experience in supply chain and logistics and directed the presentation toward Board Members and other leaders who wish to become meta-leaders, transcending silos to improve their efficacy.

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Newsletter 52

Labor Day

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Newsletter 51

Our Asilomar speaker futurist, entertainer, and best-selling author, former hospital CEO, Josh Luke holding conference in L.A. to follow

Learn the secret to accessing the hospital campus, navigating the boardroom & closing sales. Plus 20,000+ executive buyer contact list! Limited to ten seats only (4 left)! First come-first served!

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Newsletter 50

We are very proud of our Fellows who are soaring to new heights breaking down silos and exhibiting meta-leadership

We are very proud of our Fellows who are soaring to new heights breaking down silos and exhibiting meta-leadership, having the wisdom to step outside their individual specialty and learn enough about other fields to collaborate effectively with other people dedicated to improving Healthcare and the patient experience. This includes lay people who may be a placed on boards because of their life experience and common sense.We have Fellows like surgeons, physicians, nurses, and physician assistants, working hard in the trenches where the rubber meets the road. The are fulfilling their social contract to the person in front of them and also making the system better.

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Newsletter 49

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is a learned society with truly amazing and well-respected Fellows.

Our Fellows are multifaceted and have practical, contemplative, and fun-loving sides, too. Some of the resources we provide are free,

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Newsletter 48

Fellows of the American College of healthcare trustees are doing some amazing things, about which we are very proud.

ACHT management is working hard to ensure that our Healthcare Innovation conference at Asilomar November 7-10, with check-in for included reception and dinner Wednesday November 7 and checkout after included lunch Sunday, November 11, is a big success. Preliminary plans are underway for a conference on alternative methods of healing to be held in Arizona in the spring of 2019. Dr. Carl Middleton, our SVP for Ethics, and Grace Osipowicz, a nurse and PhD Candidate at The Johns Hopkins University, have convened an organizing group. Randy Rowell, our VP for Business Relationship Management, has just returned from giving a lecture at DMV-Global and Randy and our CEO, Dave Levien, will be giving a talk at the DNV-Global plenary session in Denver this October. Our Vice President, Bill Greene (844 322-4867,, will be conducting a webinar on supply chain September 7th.

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Newsletter 47

Big Sur is approximately 18 MI from Pacific Grove the town which encompasses Asilomar Refuge by the sea.

significant contributions to society. Also, we are excited to have as a speaker Dr. Josh Luke who is a medical futurist, International Keynote speaker, entertainer, and motivational speaker. He will be giving out and signing complimentary copies of his book to conference attendees. Randy Rowell, our Vice President for Business Relationship Management, just returned from giving a lecture. Randy  and our CEO, Dave Levien, will be giving a lecture in October in Denver Colorado at DNV Global. Randy is also CEO and Founder of One Pass Access, which confers significant benefit to our Fellows. For more information please contact Selena Locke, VP, .American College of Healthcare Trustees. The ACHT Asilomar Healthcare Innovation Conference affords attendees ample time for rest, relaxation mindfulness, NETWORKING, and rejuvenation. This includes walking on the beautiful paths along the beach and through the woods or sightseeing nearby. Or golf.

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Newsletter 46

American College of Healthcare Trustees provides health care leaders with numerous knowledge resources, which can be especially helpful in disciplines outside their areas of special expertise.

There is widespread recognition that nano-credentialing is especially important for the modern worker. Workers in the IT space, for example, might get certified in C++ OR Java, or certain data bases and SHRM has a system of human resources certifications. The American College of Healthcare Trustees  transcends silos for those wishing to exert meta-leadership.

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Newsletter 44

In addition to putting the finishing touches on the November 7th to 10th disruptive innovation conference at the historic and beautiful Asilomar (refuge-by-the-sea), the staff at the American College

In addition to putting the finishing touches on the November 7th to 10th disruptive innovation conference at the historic and beautiful Asilomar (refuge-by-the-sea), the staff at the American College of Healthcare Trustees is working hard to continuously increase value for four Fellows. The American College of Healthcare Trustees and One Pass Access Management Solutions and Purchasing Connections have developed a strategic relationship which is much more than a sponsorship.

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Newsletter 43

Historic Asilomar I and II

The lofty status of the Asilomar Conference and the deliberative process it spawned stems from its success in identifying, evaluating and ultimately mitigating the perceived risks of recombinant DNA. Looking back now, this unique conference marked the beginning of an exceptional era for science and for the public discussion of science policy.

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Newsletter 42

Looking back, looking forward

It is good to recount our past conference and one of our future ones

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Newsletter 41

Happy fathers day

We celebrate all of our fathers, this fathers day, and all of our mothers, too, as well as our Fellows and friends who have ever mentored someone.

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Newsletter 40

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is entering the summer months with ongoing enthusiastic, passionate activity.

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is entering the summer months with ongoing enthusiastic, passionate activity. Contributing to the triple aim of increased quality and safety, improved patient experience, and financial sustainability is a goal worth working for. The ACHT does this by providing opportunities for all of us to learn and grow as leaders and to document our efforts, establishing our bona fides, and enhancing promotability.

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Newsletter 39

New fellows, new executives, new badges, new relationships

The American College of Healthcare Trustees has been extremely busy this Spring with the addition of two executives, and about four or five fellows in the last week or two. We have unveiled the look of our new badges which will be conferred upon those learners who participate in both our physical and online courses.

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Newsletter 38

Memorial Day is for honoring Members of our Armed Forces who made the ultimate sacrifice

Memorial day is for honoring the brave members of the Armed Forces who died serving America.

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Newsletter 37

Democratization of education

Those fellows and Friends who have been with us for quite some time know that the pillars of our curriculum, our educational efforts, consist of compliance, ethics, quality and safety, the principles of governance, risk management, information technology, human resources, health law, business decision making, and innovation. We stress disruptive innovation as a tool to achieve the triple aim of high quality, person centered, and sustainable health care. We have such been immersed in ideas like artificial intelligence, deep learning, the Internet of Things, telehealth, wearables, and blockchain.

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Newsletter 36

We promote ethical, effective governance and leadership

Our educational endeavors are geared toward what corporate board members need to know to ask the executive team the proper questions. That is far from intending that all of our Fellows be corporate board members. This level of knowledge is very helpful to community members serving on their local parent-teacher association, school board, or city council. In fact, town council's are one of the best examples of governance, most specifically, the town of Ipswich in the United Kingdom, because extensive records of that town are available.

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Newsletter 35

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Newsletter 34

We were privileged to have our strategic planning meeting facilitated by our own Dr. Carl Middleton, our SVP for Ethics and Board Member.

We were privileged to have our strategic planning meeting facilitated by our own Dr. Carl Middleton, our SVP for Ethics and Board Member. It followed our stockholders and Board Meeting and was held at The Johns Hopkins Mt. Washington Conference Center.

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Newsletter 33

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Newsletter 32

Board, stockholders, and strategic planning session imminent April 24

ACHT's continuing strong commitment to improving governance and leadership in health care is demonstrated by the exemplary work of our Fellows. Our Board Members, executive team, and some of our most committed Fellows are in the midst of their pre-work on idealized design. This is in preparation for our strategic planning session April 24 at The Johns Hopkins Mt. Washington Conference Center.

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Newsletter 31

Fellows Earn a free badge in Idealized Design at The ACHT April 24 Strategic Planning Day

Spring is a time of renewal and The American College of Healthcare Trustees is using this season to review its many accomplishments and decide where we are going, using a technique called idealized design.

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Newsletter 30

Brotherly love

As we celebrate Easter or Passover or just enjoy the weekend with family and friends, we contemplate what the mission of the American College of Healthcare Trustees. It is brotherly love. If it were not, why would we want to improve health care?

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Newsletter 29

"Well done is better than well said"- Benjamin Franklin

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing"-Benjamin Franklin

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Newsletter 28

our April 24th, 2018 strategic planning, board of directors, and stockholders meeting is very rapidly approaching and all Fellows are invited.

"For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong"- H. L. Mencken

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Newsletter 18

Asilomar Innovation Conference

This was a landmark week for our Fellows. Registration went live for our November 7-10, 2018 Innovation Conference at Asilomar. Here's what one of our speakers said. "I'm honored and excited to be a speaker for the American College of Healthcare Trustees Healthcare Innovation Conference this Nov. 7-10 

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Newsletter 17

Celebrating our clinicians and all who support them

For the surgeons, physicians, nurses and therapists on call, I have been there and done that for over 30 years and understand the sacrifice you and your families make, working long hours under often stressful conditions while your neighbors are celebrating. I'm confident we all agree that the hardship is counterbalanced by the sacred trust society places in us, a trust we try so hard to merit.

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Newsletter 16

Feliz Navidad

Tonight is Christmas eve and we feel a great responsibility to add value to our offerings, to provide something worthwhile to those who have become Fellows, those who serve on our Board of Directors, to those who have spoken at or attended one of our conferences, are on our executive team, or to those who have created an account with us

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Newsletter 15

American College of Healthcare Trustees GIVES YOU A BIG THANK YOU

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Newsletter 15

Your colleagues thank you for supporting the ACHT Mission of superb health care

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Newsletter 13

Newsletter 13 Insiders' Edge

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is doing so many exciting things it would fill up many newsletters. Some of you have met our Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Pello Walker.

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Newsletter 12

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing. Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt said "Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground". As you know, we will be doing both at our one day strategic planning meeting April 24, 2018 in the Baltimore-Washington-Annapolis area and at our Innovation Conference along the California coast November 7-10, 2018, If you would like to help with the planning of one or both events, or would like to organize an additional event, please email us at and put event planning in the subject line. We will get back to you promptly.

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Newsletter 11

Value Proposition of Fellowship

Governance is a key factor in organizations and was essentially established to solve the agency problem. Examples in history include medieval town councils, The College of Cardinals, and the jury system. In a for-profit corporation, the executive team must maximize value for shareholders and it's the job of the Board of Directors to make sure they do so.

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Newsletter 10

American College of Healthcare Trustees Badges

Most of our fellows and friends know that we provide intellectually stimulating conferences that impart useful information that we can use in our everyday work as well as lectures that are somewhat out of the box and stimulate thought. Many of us have benefited greatly from the networking opportunities and the openness exhibited by our Fellows. Remote learning has always been an important goal and, as promised, it is being markedly up-regulated.

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Newsletter 9

Our mission: Provide resources for health care professionals

Since our founding in 2013, we ave been providing resources to leaders in healthcare.We aim to help each other optimize our leadership qualities in the Boardrooms and C-Suites, the wards and nursing stations, the medical executive committees and nursing councils, the group practices, the non-profit boards, the consultant shops and industrial enterprises, the houses of worship, and anyplace serious people with a desire to improve healthcare reside. We do this through conferences and remote learning, thru networking, and curated services. Need some advice or an introduction? Contact us and we will try to arrange it. Our major Innovation Conference is being held at Asilomar on the Monterrey Peninsula. Why Monterey and why Asilomar? To allow a beautiful natural setting to network, to be mindful, co contemplate, and for family time. The lectures end at 2 pm daily. We reassemble at dinner-time. At night, after dinner,there is more time for networking and relaxation around the fire place.

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Newsletter 8

American College of Healthcare Trustees

The American College of Healthcare Trustees continues to grow as new Fellows are accepted with three new Fellows in the last week. Our relationships expand with more people requesting our help or asking for information. Preparations for our major Innovation conference November 7th to 10th, 2018 are progressing nicely. I am often asked for our organizational history which I will briefly recount here.

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Newsletter 7

American College of Healthcare Trustees

Our CEO, Dave Levien, is just returning from a road trip in which he met with some very interesting and committed people, in Washington, D.C. and progressed by way of Baltimore and Philadelphia to Westchester, New York, and then New York City.

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Newsletter 5

Newsletter 5 Grows Rapidly

The American College of Healthcare Trustees continues to grow and undertake new and exciting projects. The expertise and diversity of our Fellows, both long-standing and newly minted, makes all of us part of an exciting social enterprise. The presence of two of our executives and our booth at the recent Silicon Valley Telehealth Conference was received with excitement and relationships were established with even more creative innovators.

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American College of Healthcare Trustees Newsletter No. 4

American College of Healthcare Trustees Newsletter No. 4

The American College of Healthcare Trustees has Fellows in States from coast to coast and has Global Outreach too. We will be having a meeting of our Board of Directors in April 2018. This will be open to all the Fellows who wish to learn more about their organization and have a voice in its’ future direction. Fellows may speak but of course only board members and stockholders may vote. We we are adding additional great speakers to our November 7th to 10th, 2018 conference on the Beautiful Monterrey Peninsula.

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Telemedicine a major innovation in healthcare

We believe health care should be easier, more convenient, and less cost prohibitive than the current model.

We believe health care should be easier, more convenient, and less cost prohibitive than the current model. We believe individuals and companies of all sizes should have the same great options that large companies enjoy, and we believe we are positioned to bring it to them. We have the backing of the biggest and the best in the industry, but we’ve tailored our program for individuals and the small to middle sized company. This can be found in our pricing, products, service, and participant experience. Have we mentioned that 92% of members who use the program said they would use it again or that 37% of members who use the program do so more than once a year? Pretty impressive. Here are some other impressive Call A Doctor Plus statistics: 4 out of 5 office visits can be better handled on the phone Our members can connect with a live, U.S. board-certified doctor in an average of 8 minutes 91% of our members who call don’t need a follow up 97% of our members are “very satisfied” with the program Our members have unlimited access to doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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New Purchasing Program added

by our consulting Division

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is pleased to announce a new program, being offered in partnership with the Blackmaple Group, LLC, to provide Fellows and associates with deep savings on Medical supplies and a wide range of other materials and services -- including office supplies, telecommunications, and capital equipment. In the last three years, BMG’s program has grown exponentially, based on a value proposition of saving providers 15-30% per year, and aggregating volume to continue saving members more over time.

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