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Dr LevienACHT Blogs

This section provides an opportunity for our family of health care thought leaders to maintain a robust discourse on issues of importance to patients and to fellow leaders. These discussions complement those occurring during our conferences. All serious people are welcome to participate, member and non-member alike.

Here is a list of our current Blogs. EMAIL david.levien@facht if you wish to host a blog on this site.

Newsletter 99

We would like to share a letter sent by one of our very prominent Fellows and soon to be Board Member to his friends and colleagues

We applaud him for his heart-felt sentiments. "Do you care about the mission to fix the Opioid problem? Would you think for a moment about friends, daughters, sons, moms and dads YOU KNOW who've been taken by this epidemic? 

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Newsletter 98

Our biggest news this week is that our conference application has gone live

This significantly adds value to our registrants and our sponsors as well as all people interested in the topic of an integrative approach to pain evaluation and management: solutions to the opioid crisis.

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Newsletter 97

Making travel feasible and even comfortable for people with disabilities is a socially worthwhile goal.

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Newsletter 96

Drug abuse is one of the most pressing threats facing our society

Drug abuse is one of the most pressing threats facing our society. Given the mission of the American College of Healthcare Trustees, it is not surprising that we have a team working hard to make our November 16th to 17th, 2019 conference highly successful. The team has created the menu of sponsorship packages. Opioid addiction has many causes

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Newsletter 95

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is pleased to announce that Carl Middleton, DMIN., our Senior Vice President for Ethics has been appointed our Chief Operating Officer.

Carl will of course continue to ensure that we stay true to our core values and mission. Carl is leading the team organizing our November 16th-17th conference in our Nation's capitol.

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Newsletter 94

As most if not all of our readers are aware, the triple aim refers to improving quality and safety, enhancing financial sustainability, and improving the patient experience.

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Newsletter 93

The American College of Healthcare Trustees (ACHT) is a national professional association for health care boards of directors and other leaders.

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Newsletter 87

There are so many new and exciting things happening at the American College of Healthcare Trustees that it's hard to know where to start.

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Newsletter 86

This Memorial Day Weekend, The American College of Healthcare Trustees honors America's fallen heroes, vets, and active military.

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Newsletter 85

The American College of Healthcare Trustees, (Become an ACHT Fellow here), with its commitment to provide education and other resources to healthcare leaders in all disciplines, remains at the epicenter of the changing landscape.

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Newsletter 84

Because the American College of Healthcare Trustees Join or pay dues here and five of its Fellows have an entrepreneurship group and one of its projects is to use a wearable to measure lack of heart rate variability as a surrogate for distress and then to use bots and biofeedback to treat that distress visit our entrepreneurship site, we thought it appropriate to summarize for our group of highly engaged readers an article that appeared recently in the American Medical Association digital news.

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Newsletter 83

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is doing its part

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Newsletter 82

The American College of Healthcare Trustees affords its fellows a priceless opportunity to teach, learn, network, have fun, and grow.

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Newsletter 81

The American College of healthcare trustees is planning its next two events.

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Newsletter 80

According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare sector employment is expected to grow 18%  from 2016-2026, much faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 2.4 million new

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Newsletter 79

The American College of Healthcare Trustees was founded six years ago to support good governance and leadership in healthcare.

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Newsletter 78

We look forward to seeing you at our June 24, 2019 event at The Johns Hopkins Mt. Washington Conference Center.

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Newsletter 77

We are pleased to provide yet another resource for our healthcare community.

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Newsletter 76

Registration is open for the 2019 Annual Stockholders and Board of Directors Meeting.

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Newsletter 75

The American College of Healthcare Trustees annual Stockholders and Board of Directors meeting will be held June 24th 2019 at the Johns Hopkins Mount Washington conference

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Our community requests feedback on our Exponential Leaders store

great products, fun shopping, supports our mission

we value your feedback

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Newsletter 74

The American College of Healthcare Trustees will be having its annual stockholders and Board of Directors meeting June 24th, 2019.

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Newsletter 73

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is co-produced by our Fellows, our management, and our Board of Directors.

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Newsletter 72

Our conference on integrative medicine and solutions to the opioid crisis will be held in the Fall of 2019

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Newsletter 71

The American College of Healthcare Trustees once again proves that it is one of the most vibrant organizations in the healthcare leadership and innovation world

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Newsletter 70

We are either on the bus or off the bus

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Newsletter 69

Vince Lombardi said

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Newsletter 68

Consulting services at The American College of Healthcare Trustees are an integral part of our mission.

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Newsletter 67

The American College of healthcare trustees, as an organization, and through the efforts of its individual Fellows, is working to improve the quality of healthcare.

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Newsletter 66

How we help our strong and diverse Fellowship cure their pain (business problems)

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Newsletter 65

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is proud of all our new Fellows

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Newsletter 64

We congratulate our Chief Financial Officer, Raj Gupta, PhD, for his stellar job creating a great remote learning course from our highly successful healthcare innovation conference and workshop at Asi

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Newsletter 63

Phoenix is the likely site of the next AMERICAN COLLEGE OF HEALTHCARE TRUSTEES conference.

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Newsletter 62

The American College of Healthcare Trustees continues to collaborate with strategic partners and our Fellows and friends are collaborating with each other. 

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Newsletter 61

We are basking in the success of our recent Asilomar Innovation Conference while planning for future important initiatives.

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Newsletter 60

Reserve your spot by November 4th

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Newsletter 59

Excitement continues to mount over the American College of Healthcare Trustees Innovation conference November 7th to 10th 2018 at the storied Asilomar conference grounds

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Newsletter 58

Wow. Much Activity

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Newsletter 57

Major Contributions at The American College of Healthcare Trustees

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Newsletter 55

Congratulations to those who have already reserved their spot at what promises to be the intellectual event of the year

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