About Us

The American College of Healthcare Trustees (ACHT) is a national professional association for health care boards of directors and other leaders. We support both current and aspiring board members by providing education, networking, and documentation of their preparation. We provide education and training to all people of good character who wish to increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities to effect improvement in health care delivery. 

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Our Mission:

The purpose of the organization is to enhance the skills, knowledge and abilities of members of boards of directors and other leaders, both physician and nonphysician with the aim of improving the quality of governance and hence the quality of healthcare in America. It's purpose includes enhancing  the abilities of physician leaders to prepare them to serve on boards of directors, medical executive committee's, and Group practice boards as well as to more effectively serve in organized medicine leadership positions. The ideal Fellow would be anyone who values good stewarship of health care resources.Typically, boards of hospitals and other healthcare institutions are comprised of lay representatives of the community as well as experts in the areas of finance, insurance, and healthcare law. They also consist of donors and people who can recruit donors as well as individuals who can help the hospital relate to governmental institutions and people who are appointed to ensure that the institution remains  true to its mission. Few, however, have the knowledge,  skills and abilities that encompass the broad range required to lead effectively. Our organization provides learning and training to leaders of diverse backgrounds.

Our  organization offers learning activities in the following broad subject areas. These include quality and safety, compliance, ethics, information technology, business decision making, principles of governance including the meaning of fiduciary responsibility, human resources, healthcare law, supply chain, innovation, and informatics.

Educational activities include conferences, distance-learning, white papers, and links to import monographs, and consulting. It is it is anticipated that the robust discussion among members will enhance learning and be a resource to help leaders resolve conflict and make difficult decisions. Continuing medical education credits will  be given through joint sponsorship with institutions accredited by the ACCME or AMA.

Participants will be those who make important decisions in healthcare including lay members of boards, members of the executive team, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and physical and occupational therapist. Those serving as consultants to the above-mentioned individuals are also eligible to be members. Only physicians are eligible to receive continuing medical education credits.

Our Goals:

  • Serve as a one-stop resource center for health care boards, group practices, doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, community representatives, entrepreneurs, and consultants

  • Promote governance that fosters high quality health services that is in  full compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Emphasize quality and safety
  • Document successful completion of educational efforts

  • Provide networking opportunities

  • Maintain an organization that is respectful of board members whom it serves
  • Emphasize education that is patient centered




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