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The real health care revolution consists of taking disruptive steps

Space Age ClothesThe real health care revolution consists of taking many progressive actions including

  • delivering care appropriate for the situation as suggested by Christianson-Solution shops deliver care by highly trained surgeons and physicians using intuition and education, mostly delivered in hospitals, doctors offices, clinics, surgicenters, etc. Value added shops are appropriate for those low risk patients with simple, low-risk problems which have a high likelihood of being self-limited. These encounters can take place in retail clinics like Walmart and CVS, delivered by mid-level practitioners like NPs and PAs . Facilitated user networks (FUN) can supplement the patient education and support and empathy already provided by physicians, nurses, and mid-level practitioners. The Examples of Facilitated User Networks include AA or weight watchers or Crohns and Colitis foundation or diabetes care. FUNs are very cost effective because they are run by the participants, can be virtual, and may have a level of professional supervision. Become an ACHT Fellow.
  • AI can provide doctors powerful tools to use on behalf of their patients. Same with IOT and blockchain. 5G will exponentially increase the amount of data available for machine learning
  • Record locators, hubs, and standardized API's are vastly improving inter-connectivity so medical records are becoming universally available. The patient will (hopefully) control access.Capitol
  • Transparency in healthcare is improving the patient experience. CoverMyMeds is giving patients and doctors the patient's expected out of pocket cost of prescriptions, reducing sticker shock and prescription abandonment. Get up to an 80% discount at major pharmacies with this FREE prescription discount card or app. Moreover, plans like WOW, Uberdoc, and others like  Health Excellence Plus are providing cost transparency and cutting out the middleman. Schedule a call with our CEO, Dave Levien, to discuss options
  • There is a strong trend to make sure that PBMs and payors and sponsors stop benefiting egregiously from net to gross and, among other things, return rebates to patients at the point of sale. Attend The Nov. 16-17 D.C. Conference to mitigate the opioid crisisAcht Integrative Pain Conference Photo
  • There is a push to eliminate benefit managers that take "royalties" from payors to recommend that particular insurer to the sponsor, misleading the employer, union, or government agency into thinking the benefit manager represents them honestly
  • Standardized APIs will free hospitals and doctors wishing to incorporate productivity apps into their workflow from the control of the EHR vendor. 
  • There are many tools that will accelerate development and lower the cost of bringing lifesaving biologics and and biosimilars to market.
  • Coordination of care can vastly improve the patient experience
  • BOTS can minimize readmission but also monitor and treat PTSD and other forms of distress.
  • Telehealth (virtual care) will supplement in-person care. 24/7 access to quality healthcare in minutes by phone, video or mobile app with no co-pays or deductibles.  enroll you and your family now for 24/7/365 care. Contact our experts to enroll your employees

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