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Newsletter 99

We would like to share a letter sent by one of our very prominent Fellows and soon to be Board Member to his friends and colleagues

Asilomar rocksWe would like to share a letter sent by one of our very prominent Fellows and soon to be Board Member to his friends and colleagues . We applaud him for his heart-felt sentiments. "Do you care about the mission to fix the Opioid problem? Would you think for a moment about friends, daughters, sons, moms and dads YOU KNOW who've been taken by this epidemic? If angry or sad about this tragedy, join the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF HEALTHCARE TRUSTEES at the American College of Surgeons (Conference Center in Washington, D.C.). PLEASE CONSIDER attending AND/OR sponsoring our November 16-17 conference in Washington, D.C.Is there an issue more worthwhile to take on? I'd love to discuss the impact our sponsorship opportunities could make for you and your company, Please call my direct line below to discuss. Please Click here to become a Fellow of The American College of Healthcare Trustees.  A.Jefferson Ellington, IIIManaging Director, Concentric Innovations Advisory. Direct Line 336-222-1229. Below is taken from a letter sent by the committee to potential sponsors " The American College of Healthcare Trustees is hosting a conference “Integrative Approaches to Pain Assessment and Management”.  As you probably are aware, new and revised JointConf F Street Commission pain assessment and management standards went -into effect January 1, 2019, for accredited ambulatory care facilities, critical access hospitals, and office-based surgery practices. These updates continue a Joint-Commission initiative that required new and revised pain assessment and management standards for accredited hospitals that were implemented January 1, 2018.

Just click the Whova conference app on this web page Get this powerful Whova app.

This powerful conference app is currently live and will stay so for six months after the conference. On the app, you can hold a discussion with other interested folks, upload important articles on the subject, arrange a meetup or carpooling in D.C., post for job openings and job seekers, upload one of your photos (we will be holding a photo contest). Great way to network with like minded socially committed people. Check out the 3.5 minute video on what the Whova conference app can do for you

pain headacheThe goal and purpose of the conference is to provide health facility executive, medical, and nursing leadership and any staff  involved in pain assessment and management with the knowledge and processes of pain assessment and the use of non-invasive non-pharmacological modalities for effective treatment of pain.  Our brochure with the agenda is attached.  As you will see we include sessions on opioid abuse and the medical use of cannabis.The purpose of this letter is to invite you to participate as a sponsor of the conference to be held at the American College of Surgeons Conference Center to be held in Washington, DC. Saturday, November 16, (8:00 AM to  5:00 PM) and Sunday, November 17, (8:00 AM to 12:00 noon) 2019. The conference center holds up to 200 people. You will have an opportunity to interact with the participants attending the conference which will include healthcare board of trustee members, healthcare executives, physicians and other healthcare providers involved in pain assessment and management.

We have four categories of sponsorship:

                                    Diamond                    $5,000 +

                                      Platinum                    $2,500 +

                                      Gold                             $1,000  +

                                    Silver  (Below)           $1,000  -

Many of our readers are aware of the wonderful experience we had at Our healthcare innovation conference-refuge-by-the-sea.

CARMEL GARDENOur SVP of Marketing and Strategic Engagement, Irma Rastegayeva, is working closely with the rest of our team to make our November conference an important contribution to the national dialogue.

See Irma's and Evan's website here


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