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Newsletter 97

Making travel feasible and even comfortable for people with disabilities is a socially worthwhile goal.

Making travel feasible and even comfortable for people with disabilities is a socially worthwhile goal. The American College of Healthcare Trustees is part owner of Worldwide Mobility Solutions. If you wish to learn more or know someone wishing to book a trip, please contact our ACHT Fellow, Kathy Shoaf, RN, BSN, ATP at 219-608-2002 or email her at 

Please visit our new dignity collection. Kathy is very experienced in doing this, helping people with disabilities take cruises, and her travel agency is Elite Cruises. According to the CDC study, disability in mobility was the most frequently reported type (13.0%), followed by disability in cognition (10.6%), independentdignity elderly 2 living (6.5%), vision (4.6%), and self-care (3.6%). Disability has been shown to increase with age. It is often in the retirement years when people have time to travel. Ten thousand people daily will be turning 65, according to The Pew Research poll and that trend will continue for the next 20 years. Travelers with disabilities often need wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and canes to get around and specialized equipment for activities of daily living. Hotels and motels do not all cater to the special need of travelers with disability. We can help with needed items, planning, design, and more.

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According to a report from the University of N.H., in 2016, 12.8% of the U.S. population was living with a disability, varying by state with about 10% in Utah and 20% in West Virginia.

dignity elderly 3Mobility difficulties are not exclusive to the elderly community. Even children with neurological or musculoskeletal conditions face mobility issues. Travel gives children an opportunity to learn about the world, acquire valuable life lessons while experiencing different cultures. Everyone will enjoy the trip more if the problem with mobility is foreseen and solutions have been thought out.

dignity elderly 4The solutions our group offers will eventually include allowing individuals and caregivers to design the rooms in which they will be staying. We can already provide the logistical support to bring in needed equipment such as hospital beds, scooters, wheelchairs, and hoyer lifts. We will provide an easy-to-deploy solution to hotel and motel chains, medical facilities with wide catchment area, convention centers and bureaus, Airbnb.


Drugs 5Talking about social responsibility, you can learn about, register for, or even become a sponsor of our November 16-17, 2019 Washington, D.C. Conference by clicking on our site Integrative Approaches to Pain Assessment and Management Solutions to the Opioid Crisis.

In the same vein, learn about the telehealth solution to augment student behavioral health services. 

There is a crisis in mental healthcare at colleges and universities. Students often do not have proper access to the mental health services they need. The average wait time to see a counselor on campus can be 3-4 weeks. Our associates at Call a Doctor Plus are dedicated to providing a solution to this very serious issue and are creating positive change by offering both mental and physical virtual care solutions.

student loan

This innovative program allows students to access Medical Doctors and Mental Health Professionals virtually (smartphone, laptop, iPad) and connects them to the care they need 24/7. This solution is not designed to replace existing mental health programs, but rather to enhance them through helpful tools that today’s student will be very comfortable using. To learn more, contact our associate and expert, Chris Myslow, at Tell Chris you are one of our readers and we will provide you with some special perks.


pharmacy 1We are doing our part do make prescription medication more affordable. It could be a life-saver for people with no drug coverage or high deductible  plans but, in some cases, can even save money for those with drug coverage. Save up to 80% at major pharmacies with your FREE RefillWise Prescription Discount discount card and app

Earn the gratitude of your patients or clients, your colleagues and friends, your family and treat yourself too, with this RefillWise card and app. You can also get it by texting ACHT to 22822. Both methods are almost immediate.

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