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Newsletter 96

Drug abuse is one of the most pressing threats facing our society

drug 4Drug abuse is one of the most pressing threats facing our society. Given the mission of the American College of Healthcare Trustees, it is not surprising that we have a team working hard to make our November 16th to 17th, 2019 conference highly successful. See the agenda and/or register here. The team has created the menu of sponsorship packages. See the menu of sponsorships here.We will be using an online conference app which will provide added value for registrants and sponsors and facilitate networking. It will be going live soon. Schedule a call with Dave, our CEO, to reserve your sponsorship. If you have not yet become a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Trustees you can join the ACHT now. Opioid addiction has many causes. The drugs themselves have properties that cause drug dependence. It is one of the few medications that has euphoria is an unwanted side effect and that experimental animals will keep administering to themselves in a research environment. Accrediting bodies at one time made an obsession about pain relief, sanctioning institutions and practitioners when pain levels for patients were above a given value. It is a physician's job to relieve pain and suffering and the wish to do good obviously paid a role. Some pharmaceutical companies produced far too many pills for legitimate indications and their detail people reportedly misled some physicians about their proper indications. If physicians themselves were drug 1getting their education from pharmaceutical reps brother from then from reading journals, they were not fulfilling their obligations. There was a small group of physicians that were writing inappropriate prescriptions for financial gain. That is unconscionable and a profound breach of trust. Perhaps most importantly there is the inward hostility, the self hate caused by lack of meaning in life. Horizontal restraints have been destroyed for many people by forces that pushed the father out of the home and broke up families. There is an erosion of patriotism, lack of religion, and there was, until recently, a paucity of jobs and economically opportunity for the rust belt and some rural and inner-city areas. There was a decrease in sports participation. Many of the things that bring meaning to life were eroded, causing feelings of worthlessness and self-destructive behavior. Then we had the issue of drugs flooding over our southern border and Fentanyl being mailed by the Chinese, perhaps as retribution for Occidental involvement in the opium wars. We must all join forces to defeat the scourge.Drugs 5

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