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Newsletter 82

The American College of Healthcare Trustees affords its fellows a priceless opportunity to teach, learn, network, have fun, and grow.

Davidson Olaniyan PrahaanThe American College of Healthcare Trustees affords its Fellows a priceless opportunity to teach, learn, network, have fun, and grow. We believe there are other such opportunities out there but we feel we have the unique characteristic of having participants from many different disciplines, including  board and c-suite members, other physicians and nurses, entrepreneurs and executives from pharma and other healthcare disciplines, healthcare attorneys and human resource experts, and experts in compliance and ethics. Become a Fellow now.  If you need a curbside consult, we can almost always get you one due to the combined experience of our Fellows. If you need a formal consultation to advance the cause of your organization, we can provide one in most disciplines. Moreover, if you want to join our consulting team to gain additional opportunities, please let us know. Our mission is educational and we consider consultations one of the best forms of education because it isWARD CHUTE LEVIEN anchored to a concrete need (a desire to relieve a pain or achieve new heights). Please enjoy the photos from previous conferences and if you took any but you haven't yet shared with us and if you would like us to publish them, please email them to us. In the upper left corner is a photo of Patricia Davidson, PhD, Professor and Dean of The School of Nursing at The Johns Hopkins University. Seen with Trish is Dr Olaniyan, another one of our Board Members, and a physician leader with over 20 years’ experience, with demonstrated expertise in managing escalating medical cost and increasing profitability, by developing medical management models that reduce waste and redundancy, while increasing quality and customer satisfaction. Seen with Dean Davidson and Dr. Olaniyan, in the upper left photo is our former COO, Mr. Cumarasamy. In the photo above is Dr. Francisco Ward, our own Board Member and successful physical medicine doctor and pain specialist, Dr. Christopher Chute, one of the worlds foremost medical informaticists and Bloomberg Professor at Johns Hopkins University is in the middle, and our own CEO, Dave Levien, is on the left. Learn about and register for our JUNE 24 EVENT

June Conference brochure NORTHEAST CORRIDORTo the left is the cover of the brochure for our 2016 Conference. Also included is a photo of Dr. Carl Middleton facilitating the session on idealized design and strategic planning which followed last years Stockholders and Board Meeting.Dr. Carl Middleton is Senior VP for Ethics at the American College of Healthcare Trustees, and a member of its Board of Directors. He has been a theologian/ethicist from 1973 till present for a total of 43 years in Catholic Health Care. Dr. Middleton also has an extensive work record including: teaching ethics in a Catholic Seminary, nursing schools and medical residency programs; serving as Director of Pastoral Care, Vice President for Human Educational Services, Corporate Director of Values, Ethics and Ministry.  Carl can be reached at or 844 322-4867. Dr. Middleton is our point person for ouStrategy Dr. Middletonr conference on integrative medicine planned for November 2019. Below is a photo of notables still chatting after our healthcare innovation conference at Asilomar along the California Coast had ended. Included among the notables from left to right are Evan Kirstel, who, along with his partner, Irma Rastegayeva (Irma is on our own Board and 2nd from the right) are among the top influencers in the digital health and health tech space. Next to him selfie taken by Evan after Asilomarin the front row is Sue Kiernan, President of the Consulting Firm, Centered on Success, Inc specializing in team/leadership development and coaching, change management, and employee well-being with a strong emphasis on healthcare. Some of her photos are included here. Next to Sue is Tim Novak, Dean Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Health Services Administration. Tim can be reached at or 941 405-1516. Submit 2-minute inquires to the LECOM Masters Programs

Sue Kiernan Asilomar the witnessThe first person, top right, in the back row, is Josh Luke, a futurist, entertainer, former hospital CEO, and author. Next to Josh is Eric Zimmerman, Founder of The Buddy Project

dedicated to providing refurbished computers, training, and advocacy to the intellectually and developmentally disabled. Eric speaks nationally and internationally about the autism spectrum. Next pictured is Jeff Ellington who is a thought leader in direct patient care and a thoughtful consultant to industry. Jeff can be reached at Next to Jeff is our SVP for Ethics and Board member, Carl Middleton, with an extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge in health care administration. Carl can be reached to plan your retreat or to consult on a myriad of problems at or 844 322-4867. Next to Carl, in the black golf shirt, is our President and CEO, Dave Levien, who can be reached at or 844 322-4867 or schedule a phone conversation on Dave's calendar here

ASILOMAR GOLDSMITH CAIRNNext to Dave is his wife, Merril, who was instrumental to the success of the meeting. Next to Merril is Dr. Demetrius Litwin, who is the Harry M. Haidak Distinguished Professor and Chairman of Surgery at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Demetrius is a master surgeon, educator, innovator, and leader. Demetrius is on our own Board of Directors. He and his lovely wife traveled from Hong Kong to get to Asilomar and took the prize for the longest trip. Next to Demetrius is Kenneth A. Fisher, M.D. Ken is a nephrologist with a distinguished career as a clinician, educator, and author and Co-Founder of the Michigan Chapter of the Free Market Medicine Association. Ken's lecture at our Asilomar Innovation Conference demonstrated an astounding mastery of the history of third party payors. Get Ken's book Understanding Healthcare: A Historical Perspective on Amazon here

Go to Ken's website here

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Ken's wonderful wife contributed to the discourse and added to the assembly. Irma Rastegayeva is pictured next to Ken. Irma gave two great lectures at our Innovation Conference. Irma is an engineer, powerful influencer, a social media guru and health tech expert. We are fortunate to have her on our Board. Next to Irma is Raj Gupta, PhD.  He is the American College of Healthcare Trustees CFO and Board Member. He holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he has served on the faculty .Previously he was Research Director of the Center for International Securities and Derivatives Markets (CISDM) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  He has also taught finance at Clark University.  Gupta has extensive experience developing online courses in Finance.  He has published articles in the Journal of Portfolio Management, Journal of Alternative Investments, Journal of Investment Consulting, and Journal of Performance Measurement, among others. Below is a photo of Raj and Dave on a business trip to Boston, November 2017.We had other visionary lecturers and attendees who have been featured many times in our communications and the videos of Asilomar lectures can be seen here Levien Gupta

 Lori Goldsmith tied Sue Kiernan in the photo contest with some photos featured here and Steve Goldsmith provided us with important information about angel investors for our Worldwide Mobility Solutions. Rick Satava and Dennis Patterson both joined our Board. Rick's visionary presentation is included in the videos above and Dennis will be speaking at our June 24th event. Jessica Rousset, COO of CURE PHARMACEUTICAL


gave an important talk on how to grow one's company. Larry McEvoy, President of Epidemic Leadership, gave a talk by that same name. Larry can be reached at




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