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Newsletter 73

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is co-produced by our Fellows, our management, and our Board of Directors.

Asilomar Beach Flowers PathThe American College of Healthcare Trustees is co-produced by our Fellows, our management, and our Board of Directors. That's why we are particularly proud to have added some great board members in the recent past including William Greene, Demetrius Litwin, Irma Rastegayeva,  Rick Satava, Dennis Patterson, and most recently Thomas Whelan. In order to do this, we had to file articles of amendment to the Secretary of State of Maine increasing the number of our allowed Directors to 20. This was pursuant to a combined stockholders and Board of Directors meeting held December 21st 2018. These Directors are all people of substantial accomplishments who will contribute significantly to our mission of improving decision-making in healthcare. They complement our pre-existing distinguished directors, of whom we are very proud.  Click here to learn more about our Board of Directors

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As noted in recent communications, we are deeply involved in a number of projects. Our conference on integrative medicine is one way we will make a contribution in addressing the American opioid crisis. The ACHT is part owner, along with five of our Fellows, in Advanced Healthcare Trustees, LLC which is working on a project using focused point of care echocardiography and AI to improve decision-making in the intensive care unit as well as in impoverished areas. We are working on another project using lack of heart rate variability to assess distress and address it with bots and biofeedback. We are are also working on a project to facilitate travel for people with disabilities. Our newest Director, Tom Whalen is pictured here.Thomas Whalen
We are looking for volunteers to work with us planning conferences on quality and safety and another on business decision-making. Our tentative plan is to have a meeting of the stockholders and Board of Directors in the Baltimore-Washington Annapolis area in June 2019. A day will be chosen very shortly. If you have a venue you can contribute, please contact Dave Levien. Otherwise, we are considering holding it again at The Johns Hopkins Mt. Washington Conference Center or at The Johns Hopkins Club on The Homewood Campus, or at a retreat house. Please contact Dave for suggestions.
To schedule a phone meeting here is Dave's calendar to make finding time easy

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David Levien, MD, MBA, FACS
President and CEO
American College of Healthcare Trustees 844 322-4867

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