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Newsletter 72

Our conference on integrative medicine and solutions to the opioid crisis will be held in the Fall of 2019

This is the 72nd weekly newsletter of the American College of Healthcare Trustees. It is to be distinguished from our other mailings thexponential leadersat are distributed to approximately 5000 people. These weekly newsletters are distributed to approximately 240 ACHT Fellows and Friends. Our conference on integrative medicine and solutions to the opioid crisis will be held in the Fall of 2019. Or annual meeting of the Board of Directors is in the planning stage but we anticipate it in June 2019 in the Baltimore-Washington-Annapolis area. Fellows are invited to this meeting but only Board Members can vote. Stay tuned for more information.

Our store for exponential leaders has been profoundly updated with regard to look and feel. We have approximately 500 items. Please go online and buy something. Go to our store for Exponential Leaders. Provide us with feedback so that we can add your favorite items and improve the functionality even further. Think of us firstshopping 1 before you go online to Amazon.

We are looking for inexpensive venues for our board meeting. If you would like to volunteer conference space, please let us know. We can always return to our past venue at either the more modern Johns Hopkins Mount Washington Conference Center or the more elegant faculty club, if need be.

If you represent a physician practice or hospital, we can likely save you significant dollars and give you much more efficient credit card processing in the bargain. CHECK OUT USPAY HERE.

If you have a great value proposition but it's difficult to explain, our sponsor The Draw Shop can help you with an animated storyboard. Check out this animated cartoon.

The ACHT continues to push forward toward our mission to improve decision-making in healthcare. We are exploring becoming a distributor for a medical device company and, to that end, are studying the FDA regulations now. More information to come.


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