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Newsletter 68

Consulting services at The American College of Healthcare Trustees are an integral part of our mission.

Bill GreeneConsulting services at The American College of Healthcare Trustees are an integral part of our mission. William Greene, pictured left, is our SVP and Director and an important part of our consultant team. Bill has vast experience in supply chain and logistics, improving the bottom line for hospitals and other organizations. Bill's services include:

Supply chain consulting-onsite

  • Vendor contracts
    • Adherence to vendor contracts
    • Alternative shipping and transportation methods
    • Evaluation of third party providers
    • Provide Strategic overview, process improvement, elimination of redundancy
    • Facilitate buy-in from physicians and surgeons, nurses, custodial staff

Bill is not locked in to any GPO, manufacturer, distributor or other entity and can give an independent opinion and plan. Bill can be reached at 844 322-4867 or

cash 2

"Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing for something"-Wilson Mizner
A social enterprise such as ours has higher aspirations than maximizing our balance sheet and individuals often strive toward self-actualization rather than merely maximizing their net worth. But, cash is king and companies must often close their doors if they can't pay their bills. Leaders become good stewards of their companies resources when they gain control of their supply chain by consulting Bill above, or save lots of cash on credit card processing. The ACHT strives to help society (and hence or recent Asilomar Healthcare Innovation conference in California and our conference addressing the opioid crisis this fall. We also strive to provide value to our Fellows and friends. Fight burnout with SCRIBE

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