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Newsletter 66

How we help our strong and diverse Fellowship cure their pain (business problems)

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is proud of and provides support to our Fellows who serve varied rolnursing home 1es, including Board Members, denizens of the C-suite, physicians and surgeons, nurses, administrators, entrepreneurs, inventors, and consultants,scientists, attorneys, and experts in a multitude of fields. Our Fellows gain from our unique educational experiences, on-site and online, our networking, our business relationships, and much more. Become a Fellow now. In addition to helping Health Systems and Hospitals with their overall goals, The American College of Healthcare Trustees represents many individuals who lead skilled nursing facilities, long term care, hospice, and home healthcare agencies. Thanks to our relationship with One Pass Access, we are "Johnny on the spot", able to help our Fellows and friends deal with a fast-approaching difficult-to-comply-with mandate. As of Nov. 28, 2019, there are New Federal Regulations about ethics and compliance pertaining to long term care, home care, hospice and skilled nursing facilities. Check out 42 CFR 483.85 - Compliance and ethics program here.

We feel ONE PASS ACCESS is the best (and perhaps only) solution because:

  • It is a new Regulation:   There really isn’t a competitor in this market space.
  • Price Point:  We do not charge the long term care, home health, hospice, or skilled nursing facility for our business relationship management solution.
  • Carry Over/Ease of Implementation: Companies that are already utilizing OPA in a hospital setting can  also utilize it in their  by their skilled nursing facilities, long term care, hospice, and home healthcare agencies locations.  
  • Hospice/Home Health:   There is an additional level of security navigating to the forefront, especially in the Home Environment.

If you want more information about how ONE PASS ACCESS can help you solve this emergent challenge, please contact home health or or call them at 844 322-4867. Alternatively, go right to the One Pass Access site.

Also, if you want help providing on-site ethics training to your employees, call our Dr. Carl Middleton of our consulting division at 844 322-4867 or email him at If you wish to provide an online ethics training tailored to your organization, check out the Institute of Consultative Bioethics here


The American College of Healthcare Trustees is a social enterprise and our next conference is in Arizona; it is in the planning stages. Our Board Member and SVP for Ethics, Dr. Carl Middleton, is working on it. If you would like the conference replicated in your location, please contact Carl at 844 322-4867 or Working with Carl on this conference is our Fellow, Ricardo Correa MD,EsD,FACP,FACR,CMQ (pictured below) who is an endocrinologist on the Faculty of The University of Arizona and on The Board of The Arizona Medical Association. If you would like to schedule a phone call with our CEO, Dave Levien, Click here to make finding a time to speak with Dave easy


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