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Newsletter 65

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is proud of all our new Fellows

TRick Satavahe AMERICAN COLLEGE OF HEALTHCARE TRUSTEES is proud of all our new Fellows. We want to give a shout out to our exceedingly talented Board of Trustees and hope our readers will check out our Board here 

Richard Satava, MD (left), is one of our newest Board Members. WATCH ONE OF RICK'S JAW-DROPPING TED TALKS HERE

Dennis Patterson (right) is yet another highly creative person, a seriaDennis Pattersonlly successful entrepreneur and highly respected healthcare executive. More can be found about him at the Board link above. We invite readers of this newsletter to become a Fellow now. Our next conference will address ways to solve the opioid crisis, integrative medicine, and the non-pharmacologic treatment of pain. Planning for this is well under way. The American College of Healthcare Trustees constantly tries to keep our prices low for conferences, Fellowship, and remote learning courses and badges. We do this through our relationships with other organizations and sponsors. These relationships not only provide additional cash streams but productivity tools and sometimes career advancement for our Fellows and friends. Our Fellows receive a 10% discount when they get a Masters of Science in Medical Bioethics at LECOM.

Our Fellows get the same 10% discount when they take their Masters of Health Services Administration at LECOM. People desiring Fellowship but more comfortable paying $29.08 per month rather than $349 all at once should get this done by scheduling a call with Dave here.

Gift a Udemy course on wealth management by our Board Member and CFO, Raj Gupta, PhD to a loved one.LEVIEN GUPTA BOSTON

Do not leave big money on the table by paying too much for credit card processing.

If you are paying too much for medical waste hauling, call Dave at 844 322-4867 or email him at

Forget Amazon-shop at The ACHT Online Store.

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