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Newsletter 63

Phoenix is the likely site of the next AMERICAN COLLEGE OF HEALTHCARE TRUSTEES conference.

Phoenix is the likely site of the next AMERICAN COLLEGE OF HEALTHCARE TRUSTEES conference. Consistent with The ACHT mission, this next conference will address the opioid crisis, integrative medicine, and non-pharmacologic treatment of pain. Become a Fellow of The ACHT or pay outstanding dues here.   Carl Middleton, our BPhoenix botanical gardensoard Member and SVP for Ethics, an expert on the subject, is taking the lead organizing this. Carl can be reached at 844 322-4867 or Please also call Carl if you want help organizing your retreat. Most Common Purposes of a Retreat Include:
 - Strategic Planning
- Generative Governing – Asking the Right Questions
- Discernment Regarding Major Issue or Challenges Facing the     Organization
- Team Building for Boards, Executive Teams, Physician Groups and Management
- Integration and Implementation of Mission, Vision and Values
- Meeting Facilitation: Helping Make the Most of Meetings and Retreats
- Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution
- Development of Annual Goals and Objectives
- Orientation of New Members, including Boards and Physicians

A retreat can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization. Carl (pictured hStrategy Dr. Middletonere) facilitated the ACHT Strategic Planning and Idealized design meeting at The Johns Hopkins Mt. Washington Conference Center. Carl's sense of humor and down-to-earth style complement Carl's wisdom and insight, making these events both fun and impactful. Dr. Ricardo Correa, an emerging leader and Fellow of The American College of Healthcare Trustees is on the Board of Directors of The Arizona Medical Association and is working on this conference with Carl. Ricardo is an endocrinologist at The University of Arizona and we expect great things from Dr. Correa.

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is very proud of two more of our Fellows, Dr. Ruth Lininger and Jeff Ellington who are seeking to revolutionize how healthcare is delivered. Check out Duchess Health here

Kenneth A Fisher, a Fellow of The American College of Healthcare Trustees, gave a very well received talk at our Asilomar Healthcare innovation Conference on the history of healthcare financing. Check out Ken's website here

Phoenix cactusKen has two papers published in "Medical Economics" on how to save Medicare and Medicaid and is looking for donations to defray the cost of sending reprints to legislators. Ken can be reached at

Whether you are affiliated with a place where patients are cared for (a hospital, clinic, doctor's practice, urgent care center, surgicenter, etc.) or an enterprise or consultant selling your services to such centers, The ACHT feels you will get value for money from One Pass Access and Invite you to set up your corporate global profile now.  

If you want help setting up your corporate global profile or more information, please contact our ACHT CEO, Dave Levien at 844 322-4867 or or schedule an appointment for a call with Dave here

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Whether the conference is held in the Nation's capitol, or Baltimore, Arizona, or the Monterey Peninsula, it is sure to be socially conscious, exciting, great for networking, and entrepreneur- innovator- and corporate- friendly, promoting robust discourse and collaboration toward promoting health. The networking and sponsorship opportunities are outstanding. Call Dave, Raj, or Carl at 844 322-4867 to learn more. We just voted two very strong individuals on to our own Board of Directors-be on the lookout for more on that.



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