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Newsletter 58

Wow. Much Activity

For those attending the Asilomar Innovation conference on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula and who plan to extend their stay either two days before or two days after, or both, the storied Big Sur is 30 miles or 1 hour and 11 minutes away by California's magnificent Route 1. Big Sur extends from Carmel to San Simeon, with the SaiBig Sur viewnt Lucia mountains on the east and the Pacific Ocean to the West. The area is replete with state parks for beach combing, camping, and hiking. Learn more about this stunning opportunity to learn, teach, network, grow, and rejuvenate. Our leadership team is multitasking and while building up to this much anticipated Asilomar conference, we have sought ways for our fellowship and friends to benefit. You can become a Fellow here in the next 24 hours.

ONE PASS ACCESS CAN GROW YOUR BUSINESS.  Please contact Dave Levien at or 844 322-4867 to learn how your organization can benefit from this business relationship management software. Big Sur Ewoldsen Trail

We also have established a relationship with Orlando Business News. We feel that it's content will be very helpful to our fellows and Friends. SUBSCRIBE TO THE ORLANDO BUSINESS NEWS HERE. We have added a new member to our Board of Directors. Irma Rastegayeva, MSc, MSEM, has a degree in engineering and a master's in Engineering Management. She worked for Google for 5 years. She co-founded and runs her own consulting company, eViRa Health. She is an innovation catalyst a social media guru, a TED Talk coach and a strong advocate for women with breast cancer. She is already a great addition to our Board of Directors. Be on the lookout for the press release.

Bill Green and Carl Middleton are doing a great job with the American College of Healthcare Trustees Consulting Group. Bill has vast experience in supply chain and logistics.This is an opportunity to fulfill promises you made at budget meetings. Carl is an expert with extensive executive experience in capital budgeting, ethics, strategic planning, discernment, team building, conflict resolution, disaster planning for rural hospitals, and much, much more. Our CEO, David Levien, MD, MBA, FACS, has spent years Big Sur Pheiffer Beachresponsible for all clinical, educational, and research activities in a 200 surgeon Department. He can be of service in an extensive array of issues including medical staff affairs, quality and safety and buy-in of staff, credentialing and safe introduction of new techniques, compliance with purchasing agreements, risk management, and much more. Raj Gupta, PhD, holds a doctorate in finance and can help you with business decision-making of all kinds including the financial and non-financial metrics that determine your organization's access to the credit markets. They can all be reached at 844 322-4867 or,,, and We bring to our consulting work an extensive network of experts when it enhances our work. We are so excited about the visionary speakers who will be presenting, networking, and participating in robust discussion with other creative presenters and attendees. If you have not yet become a Fellow, please do so HERAsilomar conference HallE NOW

If your dues need to be renewed now, your prompt attention is respectfully requested. Renew here

We maintain a fun and useful online store. Please start shopping at our online store today with respectable merchants because it can help us keep our educational activities reasonably priced. Our President just bought printer cartridges there and got a good deal. We ask our friends to buy all their printer cartridges there STARTING TODAY. You can get good everyday items like espresso, tea, and chocolate to luxury items like golf, yoga, and running outfits. You can buy first-rate office furniture to keep your employees happy and engaged or the famous Herman Miller Chair to make your work life better. Address your pets needs at our online store before departing foCARMEL BY THE SEAr the Asilomar Innovation Conference where those so inclined can go antiquing in Carmel during the time reserved for relaxation and rejuvenation. REGISTER NOW

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