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Newsletter 57

Major Contributions at The American College of Healthcare Trustees

ASILOMAR WOODEN FOOT PATHOur CEO, David Levien, MD, MBA, FACS is back from his presentation in Denver. It was a pleasure collaborating on it with Randy Rowell, CEO of ONE PASS ACCESS. Our CFO, Raj Gupta, PhD is back from representing us at our booth at the VSee telehealth conference in Silicon Valley. Milton Chen, PhD, designed the telehealth system on the international space station and will be presenting at our Innovation Conference at Asilomar, refuge by the sea.

Our Senior Vice President of Ethics, Dr. Carl Middleton, is working diligently on our Spring 2019 conference in Arizona on Integrative Medicine. Carl is an enormously talented and experienced Healthcare Executive who is an expert in bioethics and the non-pharmacologic treatment of pain, Integrative Medicine, Capital budgeting, strategic planning and idealized design, the discernment process, team building, disaster planning for rural hospitals, and more. Carl can be reached for consultation and/or retreat planning at  or 844 322-4867.Asilomar Sunset 3


We are making the final push towards an outstanding and unique Healthcare Innovation Conference at Asilomar November 7th to 10th. Check in is for a welcome reception and dinner Wednesday November 7 and checkout is after lunch Sunday November 11. Three meals per day, a sleeping room for 4 nights, and 3 days of presentations are all bundled together. Presentations end at 2 pm each day and we re-group for dinner and networking around the fireplace or fire pit.

Our newest member of the board of directors is Irma Rastegayeva who is speaking at Asilomar. You can meet here there. Irma is an engineer, an innovation catalyst, a former 5-year employee at Google, a social media guru and has been a fantastic help. Irma and her firm could bring any organization to the next level. Check out Irma's website hereIf you have not yet registered please, reserve your place now. RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE.


Learn more about this unique event If you are a golfer and would rather spend your free time doing that rather than sightseeing or walking along the beach or through the woods and you would like to be the organizer of one or more golf outings within 2 days prior or two days after our conference (or even for a few holes in between 2 p.m. when are presentations end) and dinner which is included with registration, please put yourself on Dave's calendar for a conversation and we will try to help you organize this. PUT YOURSELF ON DAVE'S CALENDAR FOR A PHONE CALL.

pebble beach golfPlease consider becoming A FELLOW NOW-QUICK APPROVAL not just for the reduced conference registration fee but to support good governance and decision-making in healthcare. We ask all of our friends, previous registrants, and former speakers to join now. We will do everything in our power to provide good value for money. For those who find $349 a hardship you can put yourself on Dave's calendar and he will arrange it up to break it up into a monthly charge of $29.08. Please frequent our ONLINE STORE to support our educational mission and help us keep prices low.

Our CEO has begun to get all of his ink cartridges there and finds it to be a great deal. You can get anything from espresso including a free espresso maker with a subscription to printer cartridges to golf apparel, running and yoga outfits, ribs from coach Mike Ditka. You can explore government auctions or get overseas Travel Health Insurance. Check it out. It's fun. It's useful. It supports our cause.

Our conference in the spring 2019 in Arizona on integrative medicine will make a contribution towards solving the opioid crisis. We hope to see you in both November in California and Spring 2019 in Arizona.Monterey contemplation

David Levien, MD, MBA, FACS
President and CEO
American College of Healthcare Trustees 844 322-4867






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