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Congratulations to those who have already reserved their spot at what promises to be the intellectual event of the year

Congratulations to those who have already reserved their spot at what promises to be the intellectual event of the year for health care visionaries and all serious people who support the triple aim of safe, high-quality, person centerMontereyed, and sustainable health care. This is the place for those with gravitas. Great ideas are more often generated when the frenetic day-to-day activities of work are shed and one has a chance to transcend silos in a relaxed, beautiful, setting, communing with nature and discussing great issues with new-found friends of varying disciplines. REGISTER FOR ASILOMAR HERE


 There is one bundled payment to Asilomar for room and 3 meals per day plus lecture attendance. It is incredibly inexpensive by Monterey Peninsula standards since the area is on most people's bucket list. The lectures end at 2 pm daily to give you time to reflect and relax or sight-see. We reassemble for dinner and then networking around the fire place. Think of it as both a valuable business investment plus aCarmel by the sea whalen incredible vacation. $200 a night  per person for room and board double occupancy is incredible value per money in almost any area, but especially in Pacific Grove. There are provisions for accompanying guests including children who don't wish to attend the lectures but wish to enjoy the beach or forests, sight-see, bicycle, antique, etc. Check out this article in Via Magazine.

The Monterey Peninsula’s natural beauty is legendary, illustrated in the works of the poets and authors it inspired, from Steinbeck to Dalí. The area abounds with iconic imagery such as rocky sandstone outcrops, wind-sculpted cypresses, and glassy coves filled with swaying kelp forests. The sea commands as much attention as the land, with nutrient-rich waters luring a vibrant diversity of marine life including the region’s de facto mascot, the furry sea otter. In fall, foggy skies clear and summer crowds thin, making it an opportune time to explore the area’s many outdoor treasures. BECOME A FELLOW OF THE ACHT IN THE NEXT FEW MINUTESASILOMAR WOODEN FOOT PATH. 

The wildly scenic Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail hugs the dramatic shores of Monterey Bay, spanning 18 miles from Pacific Grove to Castroville along a former Southern Pacific Railroad route. Hop on a bike at a number of rental stands that dot the path including Custom House Plaza, a good starting point in Monterey. The pathway zips past tourist hot spots such as Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but the showstopping views of the bay come immediately northwest of both. The trail officially ends at Lover’s Point, an especially scenic park-like promontory, but you can continue onto lightly trafficked Ocean View Boulevard where the glassy waters of Monterey Bay give way to the tide pools and crashing waves of the Pacific.

For more surreal landscapes, pop into the Dali17 museum situated along the trail and filled with original artworks by former Monterey resident, Salvador Dalí. Come 2 days early and/or extend your stay 2 days after for a lifetime adventure. Please tell the conference center you are with our group so you can stay in the same room. Putpebble beach golf yourself on Dave's calendar to discuss sponsorship or special circumstances

If you register for Asilomar now, you can take a remote learning course and earn an ACHT Badge, both for free. Just register and then email, putting "bucket list" in subject line, confirming your registration. We will then give you free access to YOUR CHOICE OF ONE OF THESE COURSES

 You can support our educational mission and have fun, too, by shopping at our online store. PLEASE SHOP HERE

Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail

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