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Newsletter 50

We are very proud of our Fellows who are soaring to new heights breaking down silos and exhibiting meta-leadership

You are receiving this 50thflight 1 our fellows rock weekly Newsletter of the American College of Healthcare Trustees because you are in a select group of about 240 people which is separate from our email list of over 5, 000. You got on this select list by either being a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Trustees, speaking at or registering for one of our past conferences, or being scheduled to speak at a future conference. You also may have been placed on the list because you opened an account with us, even if you did not make it purchase. Some of you are on the list merely because we find you interesting and feel that we can learn from you. We are very proud of our Fellows who are soaring to new heights breaking down silos and exhibiting meta-leadership, having the wisdom to step outside their individual specialty and learn enough about other fields to collaborate effectively with other people dedicated to improving Healthcare and the patient experience. This includes lay people who may be a placed on boards because of their life experience and common sense.CARMEL 10

We have Fellows like surgeons, physicians, nurses, and physician assistants, working hard in the trenches where the rubber meets the road. They are fulfilling their social contract to the person in front of them and also making the system better. We have Fellows creating new apps and databases to minimize redundancy and non productive work so that healthcare workers can spend more time with their patients to not only help solve their problems in a non paternalistic fashion but to be a true healer with an emphasis on empathy. CHECK OUT ONEPASSACCESS HERE  and contact Selena Locke at 844 322-4867 or to see what this robust service can do for you.We have Fellows working on making travel easier for people with neuro-diversity issues, allowing them to partake in the fullness of life. We have Fellows working on a project with wearables and looking at lack of heart rate variability as a surrogate for distress and we are looking at ways to combine focused echocardiography in the Intensive Care Unit with big data and deep learning to facilitate more rational decision support. Ironically this as application in the most sophisticated intensive care units in America and in under-developed countries too. We have Fellows working on systems to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare. CARMEL GARDENMore to come on this. Our CEO is developing an initiative to use blockchain to manage a distributed medical practice. He calls his project EVE which is an acronym for Embedded Verified Environment and he calls his lecture "Eve the new Watson". Our Fellows are consultants in IT, quality and safety, process improvement, revenue cycle, compliance and ethics, health and employment law, intellectual property and technology transfer, Board Members and denizens of the c-suite, entrepreneurs and experts in marketing and social media gurus and so much more. For those who are on the fence, we hope you will become Fellows now Join Now and participate in our dynamic group. Get discounts on conferences, distance learning, badges. We hope to see you in November at our Healthcare Innovation Conference Edison at Asilomar, refuge by the sea. Now is a great time to register to help you and our society plan effectively. Carmel-by-the-Sea was founded by artists and writers – among them Jack London,  Carmel-by-the-Sea is rich in natural beauty and prides itself on its white sand beach, landscaped bluffs, urban forest, and natural park lands. Carmel-by-the-Sea has numerous tasting rooms, wine bars and bottle shops. Walk through Carmel's charming European-style village and taste some of the region's premium wines, while you get to know winemakers and rub elbows with locals and visitors alike. The tasting rooms offer a walkable and lively atmosphere for visitors who want to enjoy Monterey Country wines in the heart of Carmel-by-the-Sea. No matter your taste, you will find several opportunities to explore and learn about wine. Carmel continues to attract artists, photographers, writers, art enthusiasts, and visitors who want to be inspired. Our lectures end at 2 pm daily to give you, your guests, and new-found friends, time to explore until we reassemble for dinner and networking around the fire place. Carmel is only 6 miles and 13 minutes away. Add two days before and/or after to your reservation and enjoy Carmel, Pebble Beach, Monterey, 17-mile drive and more. Cycle on the beautiful paths. Play golf at Pebble Beach,and PLEASE tell them you're with our group. REGISTER FOR ASILOMAR INNOVATION CONFERENCE HERE Please support our efforts to provide education, training, and networking, to improve health care. Shop at our ACHT online store which is fun, quirky, and practical. Please scroll to the bottom to see what we are offering. We know you'll find something you want or need. free trial ROCKET LAWYER-THE LAW MADE SIMPLE If your small business needs help with forms and employee handbooks, templates and legal agreements, make the law simple with a free trial of Rocket Lawyer. CHECK OUT THE AGENDA UNDER CONSTRUCTION BY OUR SOCIAL MEDIA GURU Irma RastegayevaCARMEL BY THE SEA

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