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Newsletter 43

Historic Asilomar I and II

The American College of Healthcare Trustees, its Fellows, its Board, and its management are working diligently to increase further the value proposition for Fellows. More about that in the weeks to come. In this weeks newsletter, we have chosen to concentrate on the historic role Asilomar has played in the history of science and how collaboration between those scientists and journalists, lawyers, and government officials reassured the public that disruptive innovation could be safely introduced. Crick QuoteWe encourage all readers of our Newsletter to be on the lookout for the more extensive piece going out Monday to our 5,000 strong mailing list. According to THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE NOBEL PRIZE The lofty status of the Asilomar Conference and the deliberative process it spawned stems from its success in identifying, evaluating and ultimately mitigating the perceived risks of recombinant DNA. Looking back now, this unique conference marked the beginning of an exceptional era for science and for the public discussion of science policy. Its success permitted the then contentious technology of recombinant DNA to emerge and flourish. Additional testimony to the conference's success are the frequent calls to resurrect the "Asilomar Process" to resolve the ethical dilemmas posed by newly emerging ideas and technologies, most recently human embryonic stem cell research.  A new paradigm in any field of science generates, along with the excitement of a new frontier and perspective, an uncertainty about its full implications. This was especially true for the geneticists that fueled the emergence of the recombinant DNA technology during the 1970s. asilomar bon fireThe ability to clone DNA segments from virtually any organism on our planet,2 triggered a new level of concern which culminated in mid-1974 with a call for a voluntary moratorium on certain recombinant DNA experiments. That conference, held at the Asilomar Conference Center on California's Monterey peninsula in the USA, included scientists from throughout the world, lawyers, members of the press and government officials.5,6 One aim of the meeting was to consider whether to lift the voluntary moratorium and, if so, under what conditions the research could proceed safely.

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