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Newsletter 39

New fellows, new executives, new badges, new relationships

As Siddhartha Mukherjee, Pulitzer Prize winning author pointed out in his book The Gene, it was the marriage of the concepts of evolution and heredity that gave us an understanding of how and why traits were passed down to future generations and the marriage of  X-ray diffraction and crystallography facilitated the elucidation of the structure of DNA. This ultimately allowed understanding of the relation between form and function. It is just such cross-pollination and breakdown of silos that wAsilomar Beach Flowers Pathill be achieved at the Asilomar Innovation conference. We hope to plant the seeds of ideas, both small and large.We don't encourage fear of missing out but hope that you will attend and add to the discourse in both the lecture room and networking while walking on the beach, through the forest, at group meals, and by the fireplace. Join now if not already a Fellow

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The American College of Healthcare Trustees has been extremely busy this Spring with the addition of two executives, and about four or five fellows in the last week or two. We have unveiled the look of our new badges which will be conferred upon those learners who participate in both our physical and online courses. Here is the appearance of the badge issued for strategic planning idealized design course. Thank you to the curriculum committee and artist who designed the badge. We have established important relationships with the supply chain vendor, EMN2save CHECK OUT THE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT NETWORK HERE and ONE PASS ACCESS (see below), a  more affordable vendor credentialing service, providing yet more important resources for our Fellows and friends. There are additional perks reserved foBADGE STRATEGY IDEALIZED DESIGNr our Fellows.

Thank you to all of those who have shopped at the ACHT online store. Please check out The ACHT online store.This not only supports our mission but is fun besides. We encourage everyone to go online and become familiar with the wares and let us know if there's anything you feel we should add to the store. You can buy many fine things ranging from golf, running, yoga, and ski apparel, ink cartridges and toner (consider getting it here from now on), fine tea and chocolate, travel medical insurance, and even ribs and steaks shipped from Mike Ditkas in Chicago. Get Herman Miller chairs and other office furniture or furniture for the home from Carolinas.

We have a great relationship with Rocket Lawyer which is a terrific resource not only for the Healthcare Community but for all of us who live in a complex society. It is the law made simple for those situations that don't quite merit the expertise of our attorneys. Get your forms for power of attorney, health care proxy, employee handbooks, rental agreements, and a myriad of business forms specific for every state. Incorporate a business, sign an independent contractors agreement, get digital signatures effortlessly, and get back up from an attorney online when required. There are easy to use wizards. CHECK OUT THE LAW MADE SIMPLE HERE For those friends who have not yet become Fellows, we hope you will do so now. Join our family of healthcare leaders and benefit from the networking. If you have a project you would like us to help you with, put yourself on Dave's calendar for a phoSelena Lockene call to discuss it. Selena Locke, pictured right, is The American College of Healthcare Trustees new Vice President of Member Services. Selena is a delight to work with and may be contacting you. Please extend her every courtesy. You can reach her at   The American College of Healthcare Trustees as also appointed Randy Rowell as a Vice President. Randy is a highly experienced Healthcare Executive with a deep understanding of vendor credentialing, business relationship management, and patient safety and location security, and much, much more. This appointment is particularly appropriate because Randy's company One Pass Access and the American College of Healthcare Trustees have a strategic relationship for the benefit of our fellows. More to come. Stay tuned. Please check out Randy's website Check out One Pass Access website

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