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Newsletter 37

Democratization of education

Those fellows and Friends who have been with us for quite some time know that the pillars of our curriculum, our educational efforts consist of compliance, ethics, quality and safety, the principles of governance, risk management, information technology, human resources, health law, business decision making, supply chain, marketing and engagement, and innovation. We stress disruptive innovation as a tool to achieve the triple aim of high quality, person centered, and sustainable health care. We have been immersed in ideas like artificial intelligence, deep learning, the Internet of Things, telehealth, wearables, and blockchain. Our ceremonial land healing alterconstituency consist of Board Members and denizens of the C-suite, physicians and nurses, pharma and device makers, angel investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, attorneys, revenue cycle experts and various consultants, and more, breaking down silos and facilitating germination of ideas.We have truly visionary people attending our conferences and our Fellows are working on initiatives such as the use of wearables and chat-bots and biofeedback to address distress, focused echocardiography and deep learning to assess physiologic functioning more meaningfully in intensive care units, employee engagement,and initiatives to help people with neurodiversity issues live life more fully. As a surgeon for 33 years, our CEO has spent most of his work life in a solution shop but but recognizes the need for new forms of care delivery. We have fellows who are experts in alternative methods of healing and, in addition to our upcoming Innovation conference in November near Pebble Beach, we are making tentative plans for a conference on alternative methods of healing to be held in the Great Southwest in April or May 2019. We have not yet found a way to turn base metal into gold and finding ways to pay our bills consumes significant time. That's why we encourage those friends who are sitting on the fence to JOIN NOW

healing handWe want good minds so if people find paying the $349 dues all at once on our secure website too onerous, Put yourself on Dave's calendar for a phone call and we will set up automatic monthly payments of $29.08 for you.

We are constantly seeking ways to make things more affordable. For instance, while we encourage of Fellows and friends to learn and establish their governance and leadership bona fides by taking our complete courses and earning badges HERE we are providing a truncated version of our wealth management course without the badge and without access to the faculty for $11.99 on Udemy  INEXPENSIVE VERSION WEALTH MANAGEMENT COURSE HERE

This is consistent with our support of nano-credentialing, MOOCS, Khann Academy, etc. Speaking of democratization, you can get inexpensive legal forms, templates, wizards, handbooks, and checklists for every state as well as expert backup via our sponsor, Rocket Lawyer, helping your bottom line and that of The ACHT. Just some of the many agreements and forms include those for incorporating a business, power of attorney, living wills, handbooks and rental agreements, independent contractor agreements, and much, much more. CHECK OUT ROCKET LAWYER NOW


If you are not ready to do any of the above, you can still have fun, get things you might buy anyway, and help us pay our bills by shopping at our online luxury store. We range from the trendy to the super-practical. Check out our store here

 We sincerely hope to spend time with you and learn from you at Asilomar (refuge by the sea). Check in for Dinner Wednesday ASILOMAR WOODEN FOOT PATHNovember 7, 2018 and check out after lunch Sunday, November 11. Bring a guest. Bring the family. Bring your whole team. There are special rates for accompanying guests (including children) who don't chose to attend the lectures. Join them at 2 pm daily when lectures end. Walk on the paths on the beach or thru the woods. Bike along the great trails. Play golf at Pebble Beach or other nearby courses. See Carmel. Do 17 mile drive. Extend your stay 2 days before or after. Want to plan an additional excursion, email and put "excursion" in subject line. We will have our travel expert call you.Asilomar Beach Flowers Path

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