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Newsletter 16

Feliz Navidad

CHRISTMAS TREETonight is Christmas eve and we feel a great responsibility to add value to our offerings, to provide something worthwhile to those who have become Fellows, those who serve on our Board of Directors, to those who have spoken at or attended one of our conferences, are on our executive team, or to those who have created an account with us, even if you have chosen not to become a Fellow yet. We attempt to send out useful information to those on our 5,500 person strong mailing list. YOU are receiving this because you are on a smaller list of about 250 with one of the above relationships with us.Recent topics have included technologies of increasing utility in the medical sphere such as machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and neural networks and block chain. We have had mailings on customer service and provided the admonition, "just give em the pickle", and pointed out that it is seven times more expensive to gain new customers than retain existing ones. We have posted on human resources and especially employee engagement, a quality essential to success of any enterprise. We have tried to create value with our conferences, arranging truly expert and engaging speakers. Fellows can access many of these past talks for free under "resources>conference archives" on our website". We are considering offering badges, 1 point per hour spent on these archived conferences.

A propos to badges, we are developing our curriculum rapidly. Our ethics curriculum available through The Institute of Consultative Bioethics is incredibly well developed and our Fellows can earn ACHT badges by taking these courses. We have completed two new courses, private wealth management (to improve the quality of life of our Fellows and maximize their efficacy as leaders) and The Medical Paradigm, to give leaders another framework for conceiving of health care. If you wish to discuss giving a remote learning course yourself, SCHEDULE A MEETING WITH DAVE HERE

 Have influence over the ACHT microcredentialing Badge Program and see what others are saying by taking the SURVEY

Our Innovation Conference is just under a year away but you will be receiving a link to register shortly. There are, of course, very big discounts for Fellows, IN ADDITION to very deep discounts for very early and early registration. The conference will combine talks on specific innovations plus talks un skills inventors require to succeed and clinicians , executives, and Board Members need to incorporate these innovations in to their practice or organization. JOIN OR RENEW FELLOWSHIP HERE

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