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Telemedicine a major innovation in healthcare

We believe health care should be easier, more convenient, and less cost prohibitive than the current model.

We believe in 21st Century Innovation for 24/7 access by phone or video. Today’s healthcare system is strained, expensive and inefficient. Whether it’s the time it takes to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or the simple lack of access when you need it (nights and weekends), the current system is strained, and with the roll out of the Affordable Care Act, it’s only going to get worse. we’ve found:

  • The average family spends $1,430 and loses around 35 hours each year to doctor’s office visits alone. That’s about $120 and 3 hours every month, much of which can be avoided.
  • Most doctor offices are closed 75% of the hours in a given week, leaving you with Urgent Care and ER as your only (expensive and frustrating) options.
  • Over 66% of ER visits are for non-emergency reasons. The top three reasons are ear infection, sinus infection and upper respiratory infection.
  • 25% of people have skipped a recommended medical test due to cost and 24% of people do not fill their prescriptions. They just can’t afford it!
  • Over 75% of doctor visits originate from stress factors and 1 in 3 Americans state their level of stress is “extreme”. Stress is the cause or a significant contributor to many health issues.

Additionally, with the passing of the Affordable Care Act, 40 million Americans were added into the health care system. That factor combined with decreasing medical school graduation rates will only make the overall system worse with increased wait times, shorter interactions, higher bills and more stress.

We believe in 21st Century INNOVATION. FOR 24/7 ACCESS BY phone or video, check this out

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