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Newsletter 61

We are basking in the success of our recent Asilomar Innovation Conference while planning for future important initiatives.

selfie taken by Evan after AsilomarThe staff at the American College of Healthcare Trustees is always forward-thinking but at the same time introspective. We are basking in the success of our recent Asilomar Innovation Conference while planning for future important initiatives. Become a Fellow of The ACHT now. We had an informal photo contest at the conference. The photo above by Evan Kirstel is a wide-angled selfie that shows a group gathered after the conference has ended. The sunset below was one of three magnificent photos submitted by Lori Goldsmith who also kindly submitted photos of cairns, below. Sue Kiernan shot the photo of the iconic lone cypress that matches or eclipses those in the promotional materials. Sue also captured the witness shown below.sunset Goldsmith
Our senior vice president of ethics is planning our Spring 2019 conference aimed at combating the opioid crisis. The emphasis will be on Integrative Medicine and and alternative methods of chronic pain treatment. For those wishing to contact Dr. Middleton, our Board Member and SVP Ethics, who has taken the lead on this project, they can do so at or 844 322-4867.
Future conferences being contemplated include a simulation on running a hundred million dollar business, a must for business leaders and one on quality and safety. We are still working on the location and curriculum for the latter two. People interested in taking a  leading role can contact our CEO, Dr. Levien, at or 844 322-4867 or schedule a phone call with Dave here.
We are pushing ahead with our initiative on remote learning in conjunction with our badge program. Those with an idea for a distance learning course that would be beneficial to healthcare leaders please contact Raj Gupta at 844 322-4867 or Kiernan Asilomar Iconic lone cypress
Comments following our Asilomar Innovation Conference included:
  • Amazing event! I want to do the one coming in Arizona.
  • Very enlightening and enjoyable event. All anticipated event goals were realized. Impressed with the quality, experience and insights of speakers and attendees. Great access to everyone as we took in most meals together sharing ideas and networking possibilities.
  • I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing! This was fantastic ... I learned more than I do from most academic conference I go to!
  • Speakers were outstanding

95% of the attendees were very satisfied and 5% somewhat satisfied. 

1 = very dissatisfied , 2 = dissatisfied , 3 = neutral , 4 = satisfied , 5 = very satisfied
1 2 3 4 5
Number of
quality of presentations
19 4.7
quality of participants, both presenting or not
19 4.8
level of discourse at meals, fire pit, etc.
19 4.8
networking opportunities
19 4.9
conference grounds
19 4.6
19 3.9
food and beverage
19 4.3
We consider these ALL winners as is this great photo of Eric Zimmerman, Founder of The Buddy Project, standing with Demetrius Litwin, Professor and Chairman of The Department of Surgery, University of Massachusetts Medical School and Board Member of The American College of Healthcare Trustees

   Sue Kiernan Asilomar the witnessASILOMAR GOLDSMITH CAIRN

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