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Newsletter 44

In addition to putting the finishing touches on the November 7th to 10th disruptive innovation conference at the historic and beautiful Asilomar (refuge-by-the-sea), the staff at the American College

Dear Fellows and Friends, In addition to putting the finishing touches on the November 7th to 10th disruptive innovation conference at the historic and beautiful Asilomar (refuge-by-the-sea), the staff at the American College of Healthcare Trustees is working hard to continuously increase value for four Fellows. The American College of Healthcare Trustees and One Pass Access Management Solutions and Purchasing Connections have developed a strategic relationship which is much more than a sponsorship. Monterey bay night overThis relationship adds value for our Fellows regardless of whether they are typically purchasers (E.G. HOSPITALS, MEDICAL GROUPS, SURGICAL CENTERS, NURSING HOMES) or sellers of goods and services. In fact one of the Vice Presidents of the American College of Healthcare Trustees, Randy Rowell, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of One Pass Access, helping to effect a seamless integration. Their vendor credentialing system is drastically lowering the cost for hospitals and other points of care of this mandated function by deeming authorities such as DNV-Global (see DNV-Global website) or The Joint Commission. OPA is able to decrease the cost for healthcare organizations  because their vendor credentialing service is paid for by the vendor, not the health care facility, and minimizes duplication. On the vendor side, One Pass Access is an important way to prove that your representatives meet hospital or other medical facility requirements such as background checks, HIPAA training, vaccinations, proper training on the equipment, and other mandated checks. Also throughout OPA and purchasing connections, organizations can get profound savings due to top tier pricing. Vendors of all sizes, including individual consultants can get significant marketing benefits by establishing a Global Marketing Profile or a premium listing. ACHT Fellows will get special treatment. For more information contact Randy at O: 877-672-2761 | C:  614-507-5067 or or check out their website at OPA WEBSITE

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In a continuing effort to increase value even more for our loyal Fellows, anyone who joins our family now or renews their Fellowship (JOIN OR PAY DUES NOW) between now and the next newsletter in approximately one week will get one free remote course with the a badge on successful completion. Anyone who registers for our Asilomar conference within the same time frame will get 2 free remote courses plus badge on successful completion. Register for Asilomar here. We continue to encourage our Fellows to avail themselves of 21st century productivity tools. SCHEDULE A DEMONSTRATION OF SCRIBE HERE and  Share encrypted files HIPAA Compliant. Make legal documents you can trust with an inexpensive subscription. Get a multitude of agreements, forms, checklists, and other templates for every state. You can easily make and obtain electronic signatures too. Get legal advice. For more information go to The law made simple with ROCKETLAWYERBADGE STRATEGY IDEALIZED DESIGN
Our CEO, Dave Levien, and VP, Randy Rowell, are scheduled to give a lecture entitled "Patient’s Continuum of Care-A Collaborative Approach to Optimizing Healthcare Performance" in Denver in October at the DNV-Global Conference on Accreditation. Hope to see you there and at Asilomar.
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