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Newsletter 36

We promote ethical, effective governance and leadership

As many of our long-time Fellows and friends know, our educational endeavors are geared toward what corporate board members need to know to ask the executive team the proper questions. That is far from intending that all of our Fellows be corporate board members. This level of knowledge is very helpful to community members serving on their local parent-teacher association, school board, or city council. In fact, town council's are one of the best examples of governance, most specifically, the town of Ipswich in the United Kingdom, because extensive records are available. IPSWICH TOWN HALLIt stands on the site of St Mildred’s Chapel, which is mentioned in the Domesday Book. In 1421, the chapel became a court and became known as the Guildhall or Moot Hall (council meeting place).The lessons learned from our conferences and online courses are very relevant to those in leadership positions at startups, members of hospital medical boards (AKA medical executive committees) nursing councils, and on the boards of multi-specialty groups as well as on the board of NGOs and state medical boards. Board members have the responsibility of care, which means that they need to come to board meetings having done their due diligence and prepared to make group decisions. They need to have the duty of loyalty, which essentially means avoiding conflict of interest and recusing oneself when necessary. This is often referred to as a fiduciary responsibility. It also means that they have the duty of obedience to not only the organization's Articles of Incorporation and policies procedures, bylaws, and core values, but to the ethical and legal directives of society. Boards of Directors are intended to solve the agency problem which means to ensure that the executive team makes decisions in the best interest of stockholders in for profits and the community in not-for-profits and for the citizens rather than the town mayor or bailiff in medieval times. Learn more about corporate scandals good governance intended to prevent. The ACHT's educational endeavors are intended to be useful to leaders in almost all walks of life. Our upcoming Healthcare Innovation conference at Asilomar November 7th to 10th is intended to help leaders conceptualize and develop disruptive innovation in the healthcare space. Attendees at the Asilomar Healthcare Innovation Conference will learn specific examMonterey bay night overples of disruptive innovation including in genomics and personalized medicine, directed energy for diagnosis and treatment, wearables, and telemedicine. There will be a discussion about how institutions and practitioners can SAFELY incorporate disruptive innovation into their armamentarium and how society can best pay for such care. We will discuss how to do valuations on intellectual property, how to do strategic planning for your startup, your practice, or your $100 million company. We will discuss how one funds a project, how one protects your intellectual property, and the ins and outs of technology transfer. There will be much, much more-an intellectual feast for the curious. Join or pay yearly dues now.

Doctors and nurses take great responsibility for their patients and we honor and respect what the do. Leaders in health care, be they entrepreneurs, inventors, clinicians, investors, or consultants, are also stepping up and we treat all with the dignity and respect they deserve. Attendees at our November 7-10 Innovation Conference at Asilomar (refuge by-the-sea) will earn an ACHT healthcare Innovation Badge to display on social media to add to one's bona fides. You can also earn badges through our relationship with The Institute of Consultative Bioethics. Just tell them you want your badge to bpebble beach 2e verified by The ACHT, too. To learn more about that program, CLICK ETHASSIST  You can learn about ACHT online courses plus access some free resources by clicking  ACHT ON-LINE COURSES WITH BADGES  If you are ready, you can take the plunge and get favorable rates by REGISTERING FOR ASILOMAR INNOVATION CONFERENCE NOW!

To get price list and agenda for Asilomar Conference Click here

 Decisiveness is a characteristic of high-performing men and women. Almost any decision is better than no decision at all. Brian Tracy (American Author) GET YOUR GOLF AND OTHER SPORTS STUFF HERE
Your organization as well as you will benefit when you return energized, full of new ideas, replete with new relationships, people you really know. It is very far removed from the run-of-the mill networking event. Bring your colleagues, friends, and family. Activate your brand. Reward your team. There are also special rates for family and other guests including children who don't plan to attend the lectures (which end at 2 pm daily). Check out time is after lunch Sunday November 12. Extend your stay-tell the conference center you are with us when you make your reservations. Want to arrange a special excursion for your group, email and put "excursion" in the subject line. We will have our expert, Kathy, contact you.  Treat yourself to the famed Herman-Miller Chair for your work-life

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