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Newsletter 35

Some of our Fellows and Friends are planning to extend their stay on the magnificent Monterey Peninsula. Pictured here is the Chateau Julien Winery in storied Carmel. You can call the Asilomar Conference Center, tell them youCarmel Chateau Julian Winery are with our group, and wish to extend your stay 2 days before and/or after. To do so, please call Ms. Vivian Garcia at Asilomar Directly at 831 642-4213. Please make sure you tell her you are with our group. Also, please remember that the lectures end at 2 pm so there is plenty of time to explore even during the conference daily until we reconvene for dinner which is bundled with the conference. You can REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE HERE



If your affinity group wants to arrange an excursion before or after the conference, our Fellow, Kathy Shoaf, is a pro at this and can be reached at 219 608-2002. Our roster of speakers has been mostly set but we are still packing in additional visionary speakers who bring maximal value to our attendees. 


One of the important speakers we booked very early, Tom Muha, is dedicated to improving employee engagement, a goal which the ACHT considers very important.

Tom can also be reached by phone at  443-454-7274. For those who plan to play golf before or after the conference or who just plan to play on our home course but wish to support our educMuha 2ational efforts by buying through our vendors, CHECK OUT TRENDY GOLF

If golf is not your thing

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